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ph. Alessandro Sala

Germany – Premiere of MDLSX by Motus and Silvia Calderoni

The show is on stage in Berlin at the Tanz im August festival (August, 12-14) and at the Wiesbaden Biennale (August, 27-28)

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Pupi Avati

Amsterdam - "Endless Youth" by Pupi Avati

On 26th August screening within the film review "Un’estate al cinema” (Summer at the cinema), a selection of movies by international Italian contemporary directors not yet distributed in the Netherlands. By the Italian Cultural Institute

France – Gioco Vita theatre company presents “Moun”

A new creation for the 25th Au Bonheur des Mômes Festival (Fun for Kids festival) at Le Grand Bornand. On 26th August

France – A new staging of Bruits d’eaux (Noise in the water) by Teatro delle Albe

Marco Martinelli’s monologue at the Mousson d’été festival. Mise en espace by Michel Didym, introduced by the author on 25th August

Marco Somà - Bologna Illustrators Exhibition 2016

Japan - Bologna Illustrators Exhibition 2016 on tour

After Tokyo, the Bologna Children’s Book Fair exhibition is in Hyogo from 20th August to 25th September

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