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The Culture of Emilia-Romagna

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Week in honour of Giuseppe Verdi in Salto (Brazil), 3 – 8 November. Trio Aedon on tour to commemorate the bicentenary of the birth of Giuseppe Verdi

Busy week for the Trio and many initiatives all designed to celebrate, through concerts, lectures, film screenings and tasting recipes of Verdi, the famous Italian composer of all time author of melodramas that are part of the repertoire of theaters around the world: Giuseppe Verdi

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aSecond place for Apparati Effimeri at the international competition for ephemeral Circle of Light 2014 Moscow

Apparati Effimeri is among the winners of "ARTVISION", the international competition of videomapping open to professionals and artists from all over the world, in the "classical architectural mapping contest"

Paolo Simonazzi in Tokyo with the exhibition "Bell'Italia." Opening at the end of this month (October 31st - November 15th)

The three colors of the Italian flag become, in this photographic project, the pretext for a trip to the peninsula, a way to see and talk about the images of Italy today, with affection and without rhetoric

The holistic value of the culture

Lecture by prof. Salvatore Lorusso, professor of "Chemistry of the environment and cultural heritage" at the University of Bologna, at the National Museum in Warsaw October 29

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