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Beijing – Exhibition “Boldini, Master of the Belle Époque”

From 20th July to 9th October an exhibition dedicated to the Ferrarese painter is proposed in China for the first time

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Juan Palomino- Bologna Illustrators Exhibition 2016

Japan - First step of the tour of "Bologna Illustrators Exhibition 2016"

From pop to more alternative styles, the exhibition organized within the Bologna Children’s Book Fair displays a wide selection of artists from different countries making a unique showcase of the latest trends in children’s illustration. In Tokyo until the 14th of August

Brazil – “Noise in the Water” by Teatro delle Albe theatre company is “Barulho d’água”

Marco Martinelli’s monologue keeps on travelling around the world in different staging. In Brazil it is staged by Nova de Teatro Treathe company

ph. Anna Dora Dorno

Shanghai – “The Organic Body” of Instabili Vaganti theatre company

During their first tour in China, the company is guest of the prestigious Shanghai Theatre Academy. From 17th to 24th July

ph. Ilenia Caleo

Spain - Motus and Silvia Calderoni in MDLSX

The theatre company is on stage at the Grec festival of Barcelona from 20th to 21st July

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