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Instabili Vaganti theatre company on tour in Mexico

An artistic residence in Oaxaca, conferences, a masterclass and performing actions in Mexico City to set up a site specific version of the show DESAPARECIDOS#43 with an international cast composed by Mexican and Italian actors and dancers. Until the 29th of October

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il Ruggero, Cantare il Furioso

United States –“Singing Orlando Furioso” by il Ruggero

A multimedia performance by Emanuela Marcante and Daniele Tonini presented by the Italian Cultural Institute in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the publication of Ludovico Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso and on the occasion of the 16th annual Italian Language Week in the World. In Los Angeles on 27th October

Laminarie, Ecuba

Spain - Hecuba ports and suburbs in the Mediterranean

The fifth step of Laminarie's international project HECUBA focuses on the symbol of "loosers" around ports and suburbs along the Mediterranean Sea. In Granollers on 21st October

Paolo Dirani, Les fêlures de l'âme

Tunisia – Paolo Dirani’s “soul cracks”

“Les fêlures de l'âme” is guest of the festival "Octobre Musical de Carthage". The author Paolo Dirani, also director, sound and vision curator and writer of the show, plays the part both of the pianist and the narrator. In Tunisi on 21st October

Aterballetto on tour in Germany

Stages in Ludwigsburg, Aschaffenburg, Neuss e Ludwigshafen. From 20th to 29th October

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