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venerdì 12.02.2016
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The Culture of Emilia-Romagna

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Under the spotlights

Prague - The ancient mosaics of Ravenna object of an international conference and an exhibition

At the Italian Institute of Culture on February 12 there will be two events dedicated to mosaic art: international conference "MosaiCONtempo - from the mosaics of Ravenna to the present day" and the opening of the exhibition "The ancient mosaics of Ravenna" to promote Ravenna, a city with eight monuments recognized UNESCO Cultural World Heritage, and the surrounding area

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Sochi – World Première of Soqquadro Italiano’ new show “La Stravaganza”

On 16th February Soqquadro Italiano meet the All-Russian Youth Symphony Orchestra, with the second chapter of a project dedicated to Antonio Vivaldi

Switzerland - Master of direction for Motus from February 8 to March 4

In Losanna Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Nicolò will held a Master entitled “Who was Pylades?“ in order to teach to students the work of Pier Paolo Pasolini

Canada - Elsinor in Vancouver with "Patrice Balbina's chance encounter with the end of the world"

Performance co-produced by Elsinor with Teatro O Bando (Portugal), Pilot Theatre (UK), Dynamo Theatre (Canada), Presentation House Theatre (Canada) and ATYP (Australia) within the project supported by the European Union "Boomerang - Documents of poverty and hope "

Paris - Celebration of the centenary of Giorgio Bassani’s birth

On occasion of the centenary of Giorgio Bassani’s birth (Bologna 1916 – Rome 2009), the Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris pays homage to one of the most subtle and refined among the 20th century Italian intellectuals with an international study congress which intends to help the knowledge of Bassani’s work and his historic, cultural and civic commitment

Emilia-Romagna Region at the Berlinale

From 11 to 15 February meetings and events presenting the new regional Film Fund

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