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The Gruppo Ocarinistico Budriese (GOB) soloists are back in China

Emiliano Bernagozzi and Fabio Galliani, the two soloists of GOB –, accompanied by the pianist Roberto Bonato are flying to China on Friday 17 April 2015, for a tour including four concerts and a MasterClass given by them to music teachers, from the 20th to the 24th of April

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Bjergsted jazzensemble with the italian composer Roberto Bonati

Since 2004, Bjergsted Jazz Ensemble has realised several impressive and exciting projects with some of jazz’s greatest stars, such as John Scofield, Richard Bona, Cyro Baptista, Rolf Lislevand and many more

ErosAntEros at the festival organized by the Schaubühne / Berlin

Davide Sacco and Agata Tomsic ErosAntEros will be guests of the 5th edition of festival organized by the Schaubühne, Berlin.

"Un viaggio incantato nel mondo di Tonino Guerra" Conference at the Italian Institute of Culture in Berlin

Intervenes Lora Guerra and presentation of short films of Tonino Guerra. In German and Italian language

"A Sky for the Bears" Teatro Gioco Vita in Nizza on April 21-22

Taken from the stories by Dolf Verroen & Wolf Erlbruch with Deniz Azhar Azari, Andrea Coppone director and set designer Fabrizio Montecchi

Motus in Dresden with two performances "Alexis. A Greek Tragedy" and "Caliban Cannibal"

Both conceived and directed by Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Nicolò

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