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The Culture of Emilia-Romagna



Buskers The spirit of fun, the people from Emilia-Romagna’s love of music, Street entertainers, Buskers Festival, Ferraraof theatre, of life itself is reflected in the region’s historical reconstructions and medieval fairs. Jazz and blues music accompany the buskers who also bring with them the sound of the celtic harp and African drum into the heart of Ferrara. It also pervades the dance and theatre season which features distinguished names both in the classical and contemporary performing arts.

That’s entertainment!  Emilia-Romagna style. When in summer the theatres throw open their doors and drag their audiences out into squares, cloisters and courtyards; when city centres come alive and period architecture provides the perfect setting to be “moved by concord of sweet sound”. With this in mind, the Region plans a “tour through history”, placing the traditional themes of music, tourism and architectural heritage side by side with cinema, ballet and gastronomy. 

This is designed to shine the spotlight on the region’s immense wealth of cultural and natural resources, and to increase public awareness of the entertainment and performance opportunities offered by the regional system. In this way the region becomes one large stage offering its citizens and visitors a chance to enjoy themselves. A cultural tourism strategy which enhances, both at national and European level, Emilia-Romagna’s image as a region of culture.

This is where the stage is set
A place for public demonstration and solidarity, the piazza has the magical power to transform art into a popular eventGreat celebrations, concerts and festivals in keeping with the theme of showing our region’s architectural heritage to advantage. During the summer there are festivals in practically all small towns and cities. The outstanding events are: the great symphony concerts and performances of commissioned works at Ravenna Festival; "Pavaglione estate" - an open-air music and ballet festival in Lugo with performances of high quality - and the famous

Carolyn Carlson at Ravenna Jazz
Carolyn Carlson at Ravenna Jazz festival
Malatesta Classical Music Festival, each year devoted to a specific aspect of classical music.

Summer in Bologna always brings a fine entertainment series in Piazza Maggiore and in dozen of other locations. The courts and courtyards of ancient palaces and castles come alive with concerts in Piacenza, Modena and the Province of Bologna. In Parma Verdi’s music is always the highlight of the evening in Piazza Duomo or Piazza della Pilotta. For years in Salsomaggiore, the Toscanini Foundatin has been organizing the Mozart Festival. Among those events not to be missed are “Mundus”, Italy’s most complete series of World Music , hosted by Reggio Emilia and “Ferrara sotto le stelle”, which offers the city’s public Jazz and original music by singers/songwriters.

Francis Bebey, Suoni dal Mondo world music festival, Bologna
Francis Bebey, Suoni dal Mondo world music festival, Bologna

Every year Sarsina pays homage to Plautus with a summer season of classical drama. Of particular note are the Santarcangelo Theatre Festival, which for decades has presented the best in experimental theatre projects from Italy and abroad, and the “Arrivano dal mare” (they come from the sea), a festival devoted to puppet theatre.
Sonny Rollins Suoni dal Mondo world music festival, Bologna
Sonny Rollins, Suoni dal Mondo world music festival, Bologna
During the autumn season Parma Theatre Festival is now well-established, giving exposure to various trends in international experimental theatre. Noteworthy events in Bologna include “Angelica”, a festival of music which pays little attention to traditional definitions, “La soffitta” (the ceiling), an annual, University-based Musikfest, and “Suoni dal Mondo” (Sounds from the World), a festival of world music. From the Province of Bologna, “Emilia Romagna Festival” is now reaching a wider audience with its wealth of music, and naturally, there Festival*is the Bologna Festival, which features contemporary music among its various genres.

From classical music to jazz and blues: since 1974, the great jazz stars and masters have been performing at “Ravenna Jazz”. Among other important series that bring the cities together are the recent “Crossroads” while the “Sweet Soul Music” in Porretta Terme dedicated to blues, gathering togetherFestival2* lovers of this Afro-American music, while “Jazz in’it” of Vignola exhibits musical influences ranging from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. Brass bands parade through the streets of Modena during the International Festival of Military Music, and Ferrara plays host to the Buskers Festival, the most important event devoted to street entertainment in Italy, and perhaps even in Europe, drawing over 300 thousand people each time it takes place .

If you want to relive the past all you have to do is attend one of the traditional Palios, held just about everywhere, Medieval celebrations such as those held in Brisighella, complete with learned conventions and performances of miracle plays, or follow a procession like those in places once under Mathilda of Canossa. A full calendar of cultural events continues throughout the year with ( to mention only two) "Antichi organi", organized in different locations in and around Bologna in order to give prominence to the wealth of fine organs in the area.

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