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The Culture of Emilia-Romagna


La Bottega del caffè di Emilia-Romagna Theatre
La commedia delle parole, Emilia Romagna Theatre
Emilia-Romagna is the region of a hundred historic theatres. Every city, every small town has a historical theatre and commits  itself to putting on a prestige season. The region of a hundred theatres offers its public a full programme of venues and events ranging from traditional drama to experimental theatre, from comedy to ambitious international productions. It is a region which has gained a reputation for being “an extended stage” for the sheer variety of its billings, with
La Bottega del caffè di Emilia-Romagna Theatre
La Bottega del caffè, Emilia Romagna Theatre
special seasons, festivals and events – one of the regions of Europe with the highest density of theatrical performance. The hub of the operation is Ert (Emilia-Romagna Theatre Fondazione), Italy’s only publically-funded regional theatre, which is based in Modena. Productions are promoted and distributed, however, by another regional body - Ater (Emilia-Romagna Theatre Association). Two other permanent companies, the Fondazione Teatro Due di Parma and Nuova Scena Arena del Sole in Bologna, complete the regional theatre picture.

Troilus and Cressida, Emilia-Romagna Theatre
Troilus and Cressida, Emilia Romagna Theatre
However, Emilia-Romagna’s major resource is the proliferation of performance spaces and theatre companies along Via Aemilia from Piacenza to Rimini, in the plains towards the Po, and in the hills which extend in a southerly direction. A veritable web of venues whose roots are in the first half of the nineteenth  century (a period when provincial opera was in its heyday and productions were devolved to small towns). This all helped make audiences in Emilia-Romagna among the most attentive and knowledgeable, which explains why many Italian theatre companies prefer our region for rehearsing and presenting new productions.Peter and the Wolf, Teatro delle Briciole There are many historically important theatres of great artistic and architectural distinction, in large part restored and with the curtain rising on regular seasons. 

 And this not just in the region’s major cities: in fact the provincial theatres are often those that reserve the greatest surprises for their unsuspecting audiences. In theatres such as those in Concordia, Budrio, Bagnacavallo and Longiano, to name but a few, performances of national importance take place before audiences which include not only the locals but also people from all over the region and outlying areas. The region of a hundred theatres is also the region of myriad performances which change each year and draw bigger audiences by offering quality international productions. Some examples are: the Teatro Festival Parma which focuses on the actor’s craft and European drama; the Santarcangelo International Festival of the Arts dedicated to experimental theatre and interdisciplinary contemporary arts, and "Arrivano dal mare!" in Cervia, an international festival dedicated to puppet theatre.

Over two hundred Italian and foreign theatre companies in a year!  

Angelo Masini Municipal Theatre, FaenzaCrowded theatres in Emilia-Romagna. Thus the figures describe this region’s passion for the theatre. Drama accounts for about 50% of all theatre productions, and ample opportunities are offered both to independent as well as permanent companies. Similarly, experimental and avant-garde theatre is fostered and there is a marked tendency to move with the times on the part of the organizing bodies. The Sixties and Seventies in particular saw the emergence of a number of groups who were able to stage new works and explore language, and this in no small part thanks to the presence of a "non-commercial" circuit.  Theatre cooperatives were often responsible for introducing to a wider public the works of artists like Gabriele Lavia,theatre - decoration Giancarlo Sbragia and Massimo Castri. 

From small towns with 14 thousand inhabitants such as Budrio in the province of Bologna, which has a theatre with almost 500 seats, to the more illustrious Municipal Theatres in the towns along Via Aemilia. There are the traditional theatres such as the Regio Theatre in Parma, the temple of Verdi par excellence, those in Piacenza and Ravenna, the municipal theatres of Ferrara and Modena.  In Bologna, besides the well-known Comunale Theatre, there is the Arena del Sole with a programme of European authors as well as various other prose theatres. Emilia-Romagna Theatre Foundation mounts a series of productions, varied both in period and style, which maintain an uncompromising commitment to quality.

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