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The Culture of Emilia-Romagna

Le Supplici in Mexico June 15-30 with the performance "Cartografia disabitata"

New work of Fabrizio Favale and Le Supplici. Appeared at the same time of the work “Isolario – poema di un frastaglio spiumato, minuto e senza fine”, this piece is subterraneanly connected with the works realized by the Franciscan cartographer Vincenzo Coronelli
(Venice, 1650 - 1718). Coronelli is best known for two Globes "terrestrial" and "celestial" made for Louis XIV. It should be noted that, in contrast to our maps that are uninhabited, in the old maps were often rapresented the houses, men and even their actions and wanderings, and then the animals, the trees... This work gets into an hypothetical and imaginary ancient atlas, where we meet the archipelagos of similar but also different forms, and where we meet places of jagged multitudes and mutations of images. This work was in origin conceived for a group, where each dancer have constructed his choreographic routes in strictly linked and intertwined and in a dependent way with the movements of the others. Just after we experimented the solitary dances without the group. The result is something surprising, because in these dances the dancer is struggling with something that was there and now it's gone: like a calque of the invisible. It 'a dance with the ghosts.
Morelia - Mexico
from 15/06/2012 to 30/06/2012
Research and choreography: Fabrizio Favale Music: Teho Teardo Dancers: Jari Boldrini, Capaccioli Marta, Martina Danieli, Giulio Petrucci, Stefano Roveda Technical collaborations: Paolo Rodighiero, Alberto Trebbi with contributions of: the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, City of Bologna, Emilia Romagna. Thanks to: Cango Cantieri Goldonetta Florence, Bologna Raum, Fienile Fluo Bologna, Spazio Danza Bologna
Associazione Culturale Le Supplici
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40124 BOLOGNA (BO)
Telephone: +39 3288698454
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