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The Culture of Emilia-Romagna

Zimmer Frei : Through the walls

Brussels - Belgium, from March 24 to 24/02/2013 The Lighting Plan seeks to create a light trail within the neighbourhood. The scenographic lighting has been conceived as a genuine artistic intervention, consisting of projected
Zimmer Frei : Through the walls


images along the route, like a series of tracks, inviting passers-by to raise their head and admire the area’s remarkable architecture.
Lighting plan for the Saint-Jacques district of Brussels
from 24/03/2012 to 24/02/2013 hour 00.00
Public art installation. Projection of slides of interiors on twenty building of the city centre. Duration one year.

Zimmer Frei
Address: Via degli Angeli 5
40124 BOLOGNA (BO)
Web Site:
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