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The Culture of Emilia-Romagna


China – More than one million visitors for “The legacy of 1000 years of Italian ceramics”

The exhibition by the MIC Faenza continues its successful tour and arrives in Shenzhen, where it is set through March 30, 2018

“HECUBA” by Laminarie theatre company arrives in Cyprus

From 13 to 23 December the company is in Nicosia for the last step programmed in 2017 of the project “HECUBA ports and suburbs along the Mediterranean Sea”

Accademia Bizantina

Switzerland – Eighteenth-century Venice in the music by Accademia Bizantina

On December 21, within LuganoMusica, concert by the Solisti dell'Accademia Bizantina conducted by Ottavio Dantone

The Taste of Music

China – There is culture in “The Best of Emilia-Romagna”

On the occasion of the 2nd Annual Italian Cusine Week in the World (20-26 November), the President Stefano Bonacini is in China -this year chosen by Emilia-Romagna Region as target Country- to present many projects and initiatives, also cultural ones

Movin’Up - call for the international mobility of young artists

Promoted by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and the Association for the Circuit of Young Italian Artists – GAI. Deadline 15 December 2017

Germany - “The Beauty or the Beast“ by La Baracca theatre company

What is beautiful and what is ugly? Maybe, the answer doesn’t matter. In Ludwigshafen on 16 and 17 December

Cineteca di Bologna - Buster Keaton in

Turkey – The Cineteca di Bologna at the Istanbul Silent Cinema Days

On December 16, Buster Keaton as director arrives from the festival “Il Cinema Ritrovato”

Molinella Ocarina Group

Poland – Christmas concert by Molinella Ocarina Group

The multi-awarded group lives up to the ocarina tradition and all the potentialities of an old instrument. In Krakow, on December 13

Santarcangelo Festival, Markus Öhrn&Azdore - ph. Ilaria Scarpa

Germany – A new ritual by the Azdora collettive

On December 8, for the opening of the festival NORDWIND in Hamburg, Markus Öhrn, Santarcangelo Festival’s associated artist, and the Azdora collettive present RITUAL #17 »Blessed are the destroyers of false hope«

Teatro delle Briciole-I Sacchi di Sabbia, Pop up

France – “Pop up” by Teatro delle Briciole still on tour

"Pop up, an animated fossil of a cartoon" tells the little adventures of a paper-child with an enigmatic sphere. Blending handling, theatre of objects and sounds, the show re-invents the pop-up book for the stage. In Châlons-en-Champagne on December 11 and 12

Laminarie, Ecuba

Spain – “Hecuba” by Laminarie theatre company

Malaga is the ninth step of “HECUBA ports and suburbs along the Mediterranean Sea”, a project which constantly changes depending on the local contest. The show, realized after a ten-days residency and workshop with local actors, is staged at the Teatro Cánovas on the 6th December and is also OFF event of the Primer Festival de Cine Italiano in Malaga

La Baracca theatre company is in China with three shows

“Spot”, "Upside down" and "Journey of a cloud" run for twenty-four performances at the Shanghai Children's Art Theatre until the 3rd of December

Aterballetto, LEGO - ph. Nadir Bonazzi

Argentina – Two nights with Aterballetto

The dance company presents three choreographies by Giuseppe Spota, Philippe Kratz, Johan Inger: LEGO - #hybrid – BLISS. In Buenos Aires on 1st and 2nd December

United States - Motus in creative residency towards PANORAMA

The core of the theatre company’s new project, PANORAMA, is “elsewhere”. Premiere in New York with the actors of the Great Jones Repertory Company in January 2018

Switzerland – “I Bislacchi” by Artemis Danza

The tribute to Fellini by the choreographer Monica Casadei is performed in a Zurich on the 29th November

Instabili Vaganti theatre company's new tour in South America

The Spanish version of their award-winner show MADE IN ILVA is staged in Uruguay, Chile, Argentina until the 2nd of December

United States – The culture of Emilia-Romagna opens the Second Annual Italian Cuisine Week in the World

Pellegrino Artusi and his renowned “practical manual” are amongst the protagonists of the events organized in Chicago from the 7th to the 18th of November

Emilia-Romagna: culture of food and, definitely, culture. Part 3

The territory of Emilia-Romagna is known world-wide for the quality of its food, but also for the quality of its cultural production. On the occasion of the 2nd Annual Italian Cusine Week in the World, many cultural events narrate these two virtuous traditions. Part 3 – Music and food and other fine arts from a particular point of view

Emilia-Romagna: culture of food and, definitely, culture. Part 2

The territory of Emilia-Romagna is known world-wide for the quality of its food, but also for the quality of its cultural production. On the occasion of the 2nd Annual Italian Cusine Week in the World, many cultural events narrate these two virtuous traditions. Part 2 – Cinema and food in many different forms

Emilia-Romagna: culture of food and, definitely, culture. Part 1

The territory of Emilia-Romagna is known world-wide for the quality of its food, but also for the quality of its cultural production. On the occasion of the 2nd Annual Italian Cusine Week in the World, many cultural events narrate these two virtuous traditions. Part 1 – Pellegrino Artusi: if you know him, you want to know him better

Pietro Babina, ph. Claudia Marini

Germany – “Manifesto Berlin” by Pietro Babina and Flavio de Marco

A theatre director and a painter dialogue through a digital image that they modify over time, creating an “object book”. In Berlin, on November 16

Laminarie, Ecuba

Albania – “Hecuba ports and suburbs along the Mediterranean Sea” by Laminarie theatre company

A universal character from the Greek tragedy to tell a story of war by the perspective of the losers. The eighth step of the international project by the theatre company based in Bologna takes place in Tirana until November 16

ph. Renato Mangolin

Finland – Motus guest of the Baltic Circle International Theatre Festival

The company presents MDLSX, the revolutionary show starring Silvia Calderoni. In Helsinki, on the 17th and the 18th of November

Instabili Vaganti, workshop

Chile – Instabili Vaganti and “the Organic Body”

The theatre company leads a workshop on the performer’s physical and vocal training at the Universidad de Chile in Santiago on the 16th of November

Teatro Gioco Vita, Moun

France – “Moun” by Teatro Gioco Vita theatre company

Based on the book by Rascal, the show deals with strong themes as suffering and fear of loss but told with lightness, in a poetic and sweet but truthful way. In Vandeins, from 13 to 17 November

United States – “First Tray” by Enza Negroni

The film documentary by the director from Bologna is presented at the "N.I.C.E. New Italian Cinema Events". In San Francisco, on November 10

ph. Serena Groppelli

United States - Great expectation in New York for the shadow theatre by Teatro Gioco Vita company

“A Sky for the Bear” is on stage at the New Victory Theatre from October 25 to November 5

Johannesburg - "Amarcord" by Federico Fellini and exhibit “Food in the drawings by Federico Fellini”

For the first time in South Africa Federico Fellini’s masterpiece is screened in its restored version. On October 23, within the 17th Week of Italian Language in the World, dedicated to the theme "Italian at the cinema, Italian in the cinema"

Slovakia – Teatro delle Albe theathre company at the Festival Astorka

“Rumore di acque" (Noise in the Water) by Marco Martinelli is the first Italian performance invited to the Festival. In Bratislava, on October 26

Czech Republic – Accademia Bizantina guest of the Moravian Autumn festival 2017

The orchestra presents the concert “Agitata” in Brno on October 26

Souvenir d’Italie di Antonio Pietrangeli (1957) - Isabelle Corey, June Lavercik, Vittorio De Sica, Ingeborg Schoener [ph. Foto Film Color] - Loc.: Venezia

Albania – “Grand Tour” in Italy with the Centro Cinema Città di Cesena

The exhibit “Grand Tour of Contemporary Italy. Set of Italian cinema 1943 – 2016” opens the Albanian calendar of events organized on the occasion of the 17th Week of Italian Language in the World, this year dedicated to the theme "Italian at the cinema, Italian in the cinema". In Vlorë, from October 16 to December 22

Simona Bertozzi, ph. futura tittaferrante

United Kingdom – “Bird’s eye view” by Simona Bertozzi

The performance is the third of a series presenting the work of independent Italian choreographers, the project "Italian Arthouse Choreography" by the Italian Cultural Institute. In London, on October 20.

Valerio Zurlini

Canada - Retrospective dedicated to Valerio Zurlini, a forgotten master

A tribute to the great director from Bologna on the occasion of the 17th Week of the Italian Language, curated by the Italian Cultural Institute in collaboration with the Cinémathèque Québécoise. In Montréal, from 18th to 29th October

Arago Design

Austria – Exhibit “Design is Nourishing” by Open Design Italia

Materials and symbols of the Made in Italy culture revisited with a contemporary view. In Wien, from 16th October to 23rd November

Tonino Guerra

United States – Tonino Guerra: Italian Cinema's National Treasure

Lecture by Professor Rebecca West within the 17th Week of Italian Language in the World, dedicated to the theme "Italian at the cinema, Italian in the cinema". At the Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago on October 16

David Hemmings in

United States - "Blow-Up" by Michelangelo Antonioni

53rd Chicago International Film Festival "Special presentation". On October 16

Greece - FontanaMIXensemble in concert

On October 15 the group from Bologna is guest of the 52nd DIMITRIA festival in Thessaloniki

ph. Guido Mencari

France – “Democracy in America” by Romeo Castellucci

The show is guest of the Festival d'Automne à Paris from 12th to 22nd October

United Kingdom – A game of characters in the Little Red Riding Hood by La Baracca

From 14th to 17th October the show runs for eight performances in Bath within the Royal Theatre’s children season

Canada – Festival Verdi on the big screen

A film series of some of the most representative operas produced by Festival Verdi starts in Toronto on the 5th of October. “Giovanna d’Arco” by Giuseppe Verdi under the direction of Peter Greenaway and Saskia Boddeke opens the series.

Romania – “1+1” by La Società della Civetta theatre company

On October 11 the show is on stage in Bucarest within the FITC - International Theatre Festival for Children “100, 1.000, 1.000.000 Stories”

ph. Jacopo Niccoli

France - Teatro delle Briciole on tour with “POP UP, an animated fossil of a cartoon”

A show claiming more space for imagination in nowadays highly digital time. Until the 13th of October in Garges-Les-Gonesse, Rixheim, Thann

Romania - La Baracca guest of the festival 100, 1000, 1000000 Stories

The theatre company presents "Upside down", a show for children aged 1 to 4 in which two different points of view draw together in a creative meeting. In Bucarest, on October 8

Uruguay – Instabili Vaganti guest of the FIDAE International Festival of Performing Arts

The theatre company presents MADE IN ILVA, the award-winning show inspired by the ILVA steelworks case. From the 7th to the 10th of October in Salto, Paysandù, Mercedes

Germany – La Baracca and Teatro delle Briciole guest of the International Music and Theatre Festival Kinder-Kinder

On stage in Hamburg “On-off” (22-24 September) and “POP-UP, an animated fossil of a cartoon” (23-25 September)

Morandi, mostra con de Waal, Svezia

Sweden – An ideal dialogue between Giorgio Morandi and Edmund de Waal

Until the 30th of September one can still visit the exhibition presenting 50 works by the painter from Bologna besides the ceramic installations by the British artist and writer. At Artipelag in Stockholm

China – A new stage of the exhibition “The legacy of 1000 years of Italian ceramics”

150 pieces from the MIC - International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza collections tell the story of Italian ceramics from the Renaissance to the 20th century. At the Shanxi Museum in Taiyuan from 28th September to 17th December

Amekan Hassan, Bologna Illustrators Exhibition 2017

Japan – The “2017 Bologna Illustrators Exhibition” still on tour

Artists from different countries in the showcase of the latest trends in illustration for children presented by Bologna Children’s Book Fair. At the Kawara Museum in Takahama from 30th September to 29th October

French premiere for “Golden Days” by Aterballetto dance company

The new creation exclusive to Aterballetto by the choreographer Johan Inger is staged at the Festival "Le Temps d’Aimer La Danse" in Biarritz on the 15th September

ph. Renato Mangolin

Ireland - Motus guest of the Dublin Fringe Festival

The theatre company presents the revolutionary MDLSX, on stage from 15th to 16th September

La Baracca Sotto un altra luce

Poland - La Baracca guest of the Take Part in Art Festival

On stage "Under a different light", a show performed without words, which has been the first production related to the company's research on the use of light on stage. In Warsaw, from 15th to 17th September

France - A film to discover Lucio Dalla from an unusual point of view

“Letters to Lucio” (Caro Lucio ti scrivo), the film by Riccardo Marchesini on Lucio Dalla’s characters and songs is presented in Lyon on the 11th of September

ph. Stefano Tedioli

The new show by Teatro Due Mondi makes its début in Germany

The title is “The Nine Commandments” and it is an open-air diabolical show about the Money God

Kazakhstan - "Pavarotti Forever"

A concert dedicated to the memory of the great tenor from Modena on the tenth anniversary of his death. At the Astana Opera House, on the 3rd of September

Artemis Danza, I Bislacchi. Omaggio a Fellini

Ukraine – Artemis Danza guest of the Gogolfest" 2017

The dance company presents “I Bislacchi. A tribute to Fellini”, a creation for six dancers by Monica Casadei. In Kiev on the 8th of September

La Baracca, Girotondo

Hungary - La Baracca theatre company at the Kolibri Festival

On stage in Budapest on the 2nd of September "Girotondo", a show for children aged 1 to 4, full of music and magical, playful images

PANORAMA - Motus /the Great Jones Repertory Company, ph. END&DNA

South Korea – Motus at the Seoul Institute for the Arts for a creative residency

The theatre company continues the visual research on PANORAMA, their new work staged with the Great Jones Repertory Company actors. In Seoul, until the 3rd of September

illustration by Oono Mayumi

"2017 Bologna Illustrators Exhibition" in tour

A showcase for the latest trends in illustration and talent spotting new artists selected within the Bologna Fair


Sweden - The cinema by Michelangelo Antonioni

Screenings and conferences in the retrospective organized by the Italian Cultural Institute in co-operation with the Svenska Filminstitutet on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the death of the great director from Emilia-Romagna. At the Cinemateque of Stockholm, until the 30th of September

La Baracca, Una storia sottosopra

Slovenia –La Baracca guest of The Summer Puppet Pier international festival

The childen theatre company presents “Upside down”, a show constantly changing objects and spaces according to the eyes of the watcher. In Maribor, on the 26th of August

Spain – Soqquadro Italiano on tour with Vivaldi

The ensamble is guest of three different festivals with “Stabat Mater”, a show blending music, singing and dance. In Torroella de Montgrí on 18 th August, in Jaca on 20th August and in San Sebastián on 22nd August

Franco Fontana - Basilicata

Montenegro – Exhibition “Franco Fontana”

The poetics of colour which transforms nature into abstraction is set in Cetinje until the 1st of September

Israel – “POP-UP, an animated fossil of a cartoon”

The show produced by Teatro delle Briciole is guest of the International Festival of Puppet Theater. In Jerusalem, on 9th and 10th August

France – ERT at the Festival d’Avignon with the Atreides by Antonio Latella

The special project directed by Antonio Latella “Saint-Ecstasy - The Atreides: eight family portraits” is staged as a marathon until the 26th of July

ph. Stefano Corrias

Germany -MM Contemporary Dance Company opens the Tanzfestival Bielefeld

“Les Sylphides / Pulcinella”, the company's new show, is on stage in Bielefeld on 16th and 17th July

Switzerland – La Baracca theatre company at the Longlake Family Festival

A travel into the light with “Spot”, dedicated to early years children. In Lugano, on the 25th of July

France – Two appointments with Instabili Vaganti's project Megalopolis

In Samonac and in Pauilhac, until the 3rd of August

Teatro Due Mondi on tour in Montenegro

“Carosello” and "Fiesta" staged in Tivat and Podgora from 27th to 29th July

France - Accademia Bizantina guest of the Festival International d'Opéra Baroque & Romantique de Beaune

L’ensamble diretta da Ottavio Dantone si esibisce il 16 luglio nel recital “The Best of Scholl“ e il 22 luglio in “Tancredi” di Rossini, una produzione del Festival

ph. Serena Groppelli

France - “Moun” by Teatro Gioco Vita company in Avignon

The performance based on the homonymous book by Rascal is on stage at the Festival Théâtr’enfants Avignon from 11th to 28th July

Portugal – “Gospel” by Pippo Delbono guest of the Festival de Teatro de Almada

The show produced by ERT – Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione is "a lay mass" opposing the divine grace to the violence and massacres committed on its behalf. In Lisbon, on 15th and 16th July

Slovakia- Exhibition “The legacy of Charlemagne 814-2014”

IBC has contributed to the exhibit that explores the essential role of culture in European history from early Middle Ages to modernity. In Košice, until the 31st of August

Malta – “The Sorrows of Young Verdi” told by the "John Lennon" Youth Band

An uncommon view on Giuseppe Verdi’s life and the story of Italian opera inside the history which has defined Italian national identity. In Victoria-Cittadella, on 11th July

La Baracca theatre company goes to China with “Home”

The show is staged at the Amber Children Drama Festival in Shenzhen from the 8th to the 16th of July

Iran - The Roads of Friendship, Ravenna - Tehran

On the XX anniversary of ‘The Roads of Friendship’ project, the XXVIII edition of the Ravenna Festival looks East and reaches ancient Persia. Riccardo Muti at the head of the concert with a programme entirely dedicated to Verdi. In Tehran, on the 6th July. In Ravenna, on the 8th July

Switzerland - "Journey of a cloud" by La Baracca theatre company

First time abroad for one of the 2016-2017 productions dedicated to the youngest by the Bolognese company, guest of the LongLake Festival 2017. In Lugano, on the 11th of July

South Africa – Exhibit “Food in the drawings by Fellini” and other appointments with the Maestro

The National Arts Festival of Grahamstown celebrates the great director with the section “FELLINI, FOOD & GIULIETTA”. From 30th June to 7th July

ph. A. Anceschi

Spain - Aterballetto opens the Festival Internacional de Danza Itálica

World premiere of “Golden Days”, a special project by Johan Inger. At the Roman theatre of Itálica on the 30th June and 1st July

ph. Chiara Ferrin

Teatro dei Venti in Croatia

The street show “Simurgh” is in Karlovac at the KAKAFE - Karlovacki Kazališni Festival on the 4th of July and in Pula at the PUF - Pula International Theatre Festival on the 5th of July

ph. Jacopo Niccoli

Spain – Teatro delle Briciole guest of the Grec Festival of Barcelona

On 7th and 8th July the production centre based in Parma stages “POP-UP, an animated fossil of a cartoon”, a show claiming more space for imagination in this highly digital time

Belgium – European premiere of “Letters to Lucio”

The film by Riccardo Marchesini on Lucio Dalla’s characters and songs is presented in Brussel on 19th June

Mexico – La Baracca theatre company arrives from Italy to open the FITPA 2017

“Girotondo” is the opening show of the Festival Internacional de Teatro para los primeros años of Guadalajara, staged on 27th and 28th June. And not only that: a masterclass and a round table with Frabetti take place in the same days

Cineteca di Bologna, CINEVITAJ - film classici italiani in una nuova versione digitale

Slovakia – The Cineteca di Bologna for CINEVITAJ

Within Dolce Vitaj 2017, Italian festival in Slovakia, Cinevitaj is a series of classic Italian films in the new digital version curated by the Bolognese Foundation. In Bratislava, until the 22nd of June

Soqquadro Italiano, Da Monteverdi a Mina

Cezc Republic – From Monteverdi to Mina with Soqquadro Italiano

The ensamble presents a journey through Italian music from 1600 to the 60’s within the Concentus Moraviae 2017, International Mucial Festival in 13 cities. Theme LA VOCE. In the Castle of Moravsky Krumlov on the 23rd of June

Aterballetto - FND

Germany - Five nights with Aterballetto

After the premiere at the tanzmainz #2 festival, BLISS by Johan Inger comes back to Germany, this time in a program together with the choreographies LEGO by Giuseppe Spota and #hybrid by Philippe Kratz. In Fürth, from 21st to 25th of June

Romania – Teatro dei Venti guest of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival

The theatre company based in Modena presents two street shows, “Il Draaago” e “Simurgh”, on 13th and 14th June

ALL THE STARS, ALL THE SEAS, collettivo Antonello Ghezzi

Greece – “All The Stars, All The Seas” by Antonello Ghezzi

In Athens, until the 14th of June, the exhibition of the collective of artists based in Bologna curated by Giusy Ragosa

Vangelo - Pippo Delbono/ERT, ph. Luca Del Pia

Romania – “Vangelo (Gospel)” by Pippo Delbono

The prose version of the show produced by ERT – Emilia Romagna Teatro is guest of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival. In Sibiu on 11th June

“Orchids” by Pippo Delbono-produzione ERT

Switzerland – “Orchids” by Pippo Delbono

The show represents the author’s vital need to go on talking about love in spite of everything. A production by Emilia Romagna Teatro. In Geneva, on 6th June

Societas/Castellucci, “Democracy in America” (2), ph. Guido Mencari

Netherlands - “Democracy in America” by Romeo Castellucci

The performance is on stage from 4th to 6th June at the Holland Festival - Internationaal Podiumkunsten Amsterdam. Meeting with the author on 5th June

Turkey - Soqquadro Italiano guest of the Istanbul Music Festival

In the new project dedicated to Vivaldi, “La Stravaganza”, the ensamble performs with a chamber orchestra, among ancient and modern sounds and art videos. On the 5th of June

Federica Rossi - Between Mother and Earth

Germany - “Between Mother and Earth” exhibition by Federica Rossi

25 large canvas symbolizing Life. At the Stuttgart Rathause until the 8th of June

ph. Nadir Bonazzi

Germany – Aterballetto dance company’s premiere at the Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen

From 27th to 29th May the company is on stage with the double-bill LEGO, by Giuseppe Spota, and ANTITESI, by Andonis Foniadakis

Virginia Guastella

Spain - Virginia Guastella live concert

The pianist and composer performs her original music and her own transcriptions of Astor Piazzolla in the concert “Sul tasto” (on the key). In Barcelona on 27th May

Spain – La Baracca theatre company guest of the festival YOSOYBEBÉ 2017

The company stages “Girotondo”, a show for children aged 1-4 years. In Granada, on 27th May


United States – “The foundation of the Etruscan City, the example of Bologna”

A conversation on the developing elements of the Etruscan city, later Roman. The Medieval reconstruction, some notes on Bologna today. At the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco, on 25th May

United States – Motus theatre company at La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club of New York for a creative residency

From 20th to 30th May the company based in Rimini starts working towards PANORAMA, their new project which will be premiered in New York in January 2018

ph. Diego Diaz

Germany – Teatro Due Mondi theatre company on tour

“Fiesta” and “Carosello” are the street performances staged in Paderborn (25th May) and Torgau (27th may)

South Africa – La Baracca theatre company at the ASSITEJ World Congress and Performing Arts Festival

The show “Maloza - The Man Cub” is co-produced with ASSITEJ Zambia. In Cape Town, on 23rd and 24th May

Elsinor, Patrice Balbina

South Africa – “Patrice Balbina's Chance Encounter with the End of the World” by Elsinor

The show is born within the project Boomerang - Documents of poverty and hope, supported by the European Union, gathering theatres from three continents. In Cape Town, on 22nd and 23rd May

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