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The Culture of Emilia-Romagna

"2017 Bologna Illustrators Exhibition" in tour

A showcase for the latest trends in illustration and talent spotting new artists selected within the Bologna Fair
"2017 Bologna Illustrators Exhibition" in tour

illustration by Oono Mayumi

The "Illustrators Exhibition" was launched in 1967, a few years after the Bologna Children's Book Fair itself first opened. From pop to more alternative styles, the exhibition displays a wide selection of artists from different countries forming a unique showcase for both fiction and non fiction.

After the Bologna Fair, the annual Illustrators Exhibition travels to many art museums and public library, so that the artists can be discovered and admired by everyone.

Now it is opened in the United States (in reproduction) and in Japan (in original).

Until the 17th of August, the exhibit is at the Glass Curtain Gallery in Chicago, where it has been set in strict collaboration with the DEPS - Department of Exhibitions, Performance & Student Spaces of the Columbia College Chicago, renowned all over the United States for its rigorous illustration and art programs of studies (Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Arts degrees).

A selection of Italian illustrators participating in the 2017 Illustrators Exhibition has been recently presented also in New York, within the Bookexpo America. Bologna Children’s Book Fair commitment to the U.S. market will manifest itself with New York Rights Fair, the new international adult and Children’s content and licensing marketplace, a meeting point for US publishers, agents, and their global counterparts.
This new event will take place at the Metropolitan Pavilion, New York on May 30 – June 1, 2018.

Turning instead to the other side of the ocean, the 2017 Illustrators Exhibition is set in original at the Itabashi Art Museum in Tokyo until the 13th of August. The official poster of this stop has been designed by the Japanese illustrator Kanako Fugurori, one of the 75 illustrators selected for the 2017 Illustrators Exhibition.

Tokyo is the first step of a Japanese tour that will end in December, passing through Nishinomiya (August 19 – September 24), Takahama (September 30 – October 29) and Nanao (November 3 – December 10).
Later on, from spring 2018, the Exhibition will go to China, in important libraries and Art museums in six cities.

But Bologna Children’s Book Fair’s promotional and exhibiting activity does not stop there.
At the end of August, the appointment is in Isfahan, in Iran, with another exhibition, realized with the support of Emilia-Romagna Region Culture Department and already successful presented in Madrid, Bologna, Berlin, Sofia, Beijing, Cairo, Canton: “Illustration for children. ItalianExcellence”. More than 60 original works by 18 Italian illustrators documenting the artistic path of designers who, over the course of two generations, have created a new face for the illustrated book for children.



Columbia College Chicago

Itabashi Art Museum


Bologna Children’s Book Fair

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