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Belgium – European premiere of “Letters to Lucio”

The film by Riccardo Marchesini on Lucio Dalla’s characters and songs is presented in Brussel on 19th June

After being successfully presented in more than 140 Italian cinemas, “Letters to Lucio Dalla”, the film by Riccardo Marchesini based on the homonymous play by Cristiano Governa, crosses the national borders to start a series of international appointments.

On the 19th of June, at 7:00pm, the European premiere of the film on Lucio Dalla’s characters and songs is presented at the Italian Cultural Institute in Brussel, the city where the Bolognese singer and songwriter would have performed few days after his death.

Shot in Bologna, Comacchio, Milan and Berlin, the film tells the story of odd letters.
Some years after the death of Lucio Dalla, Egle Petazzoni, his fictitious postwoman, has to deliver new letters addressed just to him.
Who keeps on writing him? And why?

The senders are Dalla’s “children”, i.e. the characters of some of his best songs, as Futura or Anna and Marco, as Meri Luis or the protagonists of the songs “Com’è profondo il mare” and “L’anno che verrà”.
All of them have a secret to tell him and a thank to say a final goodbye.

The letters inspired by Dalla’s songs have been interpreted by a distinguished cast, including Ambra Angiolini, Neri Marcorè, Ottavia Piccolo, Piera Degli Esposti, Grazia Verasani, Alessandro Benvenuti and Andrea Roncato.

“Caro Lucio ti scrivo” has been produced by Giostra film with the support of the Emilia-Romagna Film Commission, under the patronage of the Municipality of Bologna and the Lucio Dalla Foundation, and is distributed by I Wonder Pictures.

The event is organized in co-operation with the office for cultural promotion abroad of Emilia-Romagna Region Culture Department.
A conversation with Riccardo Marchesini, the film director, and Paolo Luigi Grossi, director of the Italian Cultural Institute, will follow the screening.


Riccardo Marchesini tells about his film (in Italian)

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