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Germany -MM Contemporary Dance Company opens the Tanzfestival Bielefeld

“Les Sylphides / Pulcinella”, the company's new show, is on stage in Bielefeld on 16th and 17th July
Germany -MM Contemporary Dance Company opens the Tanzfestival Bielefeld

ph. Stefano Corrias

The Tanzfestival Bielefeld combines qualified dance and choreography classes directed by international instructors with performances by modern dance ensembles from around the world and embraces people with diverse cultural backgrounds and dance skills.

This year, the opening event is “Les Sylphides / Pulcinella” by the company based in Reggio Emilia MM Contemporary Dance Company.

The show is a contemporary version of two titles of ballet repertoire, both of them presented in Paris at the beginning of XX century by Les Ballets Russes of Diaghilev: “Les Sylphides”, in the version of the Spanish choreographer Gustavo Ramirez Sansano, an artist who has been working for important international companies for many years, and “Pulcinella” by Michele Merola, artistic director and main choreographer of MM Contemporary Dance Company.

Ramirez Sansano re-reads "Les Sylphides" as an imaginary tale, attributing a role to each dancer, on a suspended journey between reality and dream, on the rarefied atmospheres of Chopin's extraordinary score.

Merola investigates the Pulcinella character focusing on his solitary, melancholic and dramatic side, but also portraying it as an image of truth and freedom, using a soundtrack composed of some ballet music pieces and new music tracks by composer Stefano Corrias.


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