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Czech Republic – Accademia Bizantina guest of the Moravian Autumn festival 2017

The orchestra presents the concert “Agitata” in Brno on October 26

Accademia Bizantina is specialized in the rediscovery and performance of Baroque operas, ranging from major works to operas which have never been performed in modern times.

The ensemble -who has performed in concerts halls and festivals worldwide- is now guest of the Moravian Autumn 2017 festival, presenting the concert “Agitata“.

What the pieces performed have in common is not just the Italian origin of their composers but also the era of the late Baroque, when they were written.
The title of the concert, "Agitata", refers not just to the closing musical number by Vivaldi -"Agitata infido flatu", from the oratorio "Juditha triumphans"-, but equally to the mood of the whole programme.
A certain “agitation” or “excitation” is implied by the contrast between instrumental and vocal-instrumental works, as well as by the opposed affections expressed by the compositions – a technique that is typical of the Baroque era.

The concert is held under the auspices of the Embassy of the Republic of Italy to the Czech Republic and of the Italian Cultural Institute in Prague.

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Moravský podzim 2017

Accademia Bizantina

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