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France - Accademia Bizantina guest of the Festival International d'Opéra Baroque & Romantique de Beaune

L’ensamble diretta da Ottavio Dantone si esibisce il 16 luglio nel recital “The Best of Scholl“ e il 22 luglio in “Tancredi” di Rossini, una produzione del Festival

Accademia Bizantina, founded in Ravenna in 1983 with the intention of “making music like a large quartet”, is nowadays recognized as one of the most prestigious ensembles on the international musical scene, specialized in 17th, 18th and 19th-century repertoire and appreciated for its aesthetic approach to the interpretation of music from the Baroque period.

The calendar of the Festival International d'Opéra Baroque & Romantique of Beaune offers two appointments with the orchestra:

“The Best of Scholl“, a recital by controtenore Andreas Scholl, discovered by the Festival when 26-year-old.
Under the conduction of Ottavio Dantone, first violin and musical and artistic director of Accademia Bizantina, the concert proposes a musical journey which, starting from the end of 1600 with the English composer Purcell, goes to the Germany of Händel, arrives to the contemporary musician Arvo Pärt and comes back to Italy, with Vivaldi.

“Tancredi” by Rossini, a new production of the Festival for the section “Romantic repertoire on period instruments”.
The orchestra plays with the Choir of Namur, still conducted by Dantone.

In 2017 the Festival International d'Opéra Baroque & Romantique de Beaune, which has already hosted Accademia Bizantina and Ottavio Dantone, celebrates its 35 years under the auspices of “Passion, Emotion and Poetry”.

more info “The Best of Scholl“, 16 July

more info "Tancredi", 22 July


Festival International d'Opéra Baroque & Romantique de Beaune

Accademia Bizantina

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