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France – Two appointments with Instabili Vaganti's project Megalopolis

In Samonac and in Pauilhac, until the 3rd of August

In 2012 Instabili Vaganti theatre company has conceived Megalopolis, a project about performing experimentation in the global era.

Megalopolis wants to think on the new concept of "Global City" and of global society, caused by the process of globalization and by the constant increase of urbanization.
The project focuses its research on the contrasting relation between tradition and contemporaneity, interculturality and globalization, starting from the investigation on the memory of places and people of the biggest metropolis in the world.
The purpose is to investigate the positive and negative aspects of these changes and their consequences on culture, communication systems and single individuals in this global era.

Thanks to this experience, the company has been invited to hold the residential workshop “In The Cities” in Samonac, at the seat of the French theatre company Mata-Malam, who, within the Erasmus+ project “Les Incroyables Citoyens”, supported by the European Union, gives 10 scholarships to young actors and dancers under 30.

The company then moves to Pauilhac, for an artistic residence at the Au Brana - Residential centre for performance research and practice.
Here, from 24th July to 3rd August, Instabili Vaganti company will develop the first work stage of their new production within the Megalopolis project, “The Global City”.
The result of this first step will be presented to the public on 3rd August, with an international cast of actors and dancers from Italy and South Korea.



Au Brana – Residential centre for performance research and practice

Instabili Vaganti

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