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Germany – La Baracca and Teatro delle Briciole guest of the International Music and Theatre Festival Kinder-Kinder

On stage in Hamburg “On-off” (22-24 September) and “POP-UP, an animated fossil of a cartoon” (23-25 September)

The International Music and Theatre Festival KinderKinder is an annual event organized in the spirit of “great art for little ones”. It presents “the most adventurous music, the most inspiring theatre and the most exciting dance for children” from all over the world.

Two theatre companies from Emilia-Romagna are on stage, both of them working in the field of children theatre for over forty years:
La Baracca, based in Bologna, presenting “On-off”, a show for children aged 1 to 4 (from 22nd to 24th September);
Teatro delle Briciole, based in Parma, presenting “POP-UP, an animated fossil of a cartoon”, a show for children aged 3 to 6 (from 23rd to 25th September).

“On-off” by La Baracca is a tribute to the children’s amazement at the behavior of light and to their interest towards controlling it and its intensity through the use of switches.
The show has received the ASSITEJ Serbia Award for The Best Artistic Achievement.

“POP-UP, an animated fossil of a cartoon”, produced by Teatro delle Briciole and directed by I sacchi di sabbia theatre company,  is a re-invention of the pop-up book for the stage, the challenge of creating a sort of handcrafted cartoon in this world of 3D as an opportunity to reflect upon animation and its excessive overpowering modern technology.
The show is part of Teatro delle Briciole’s production project "New visions for a young audience".

info “On-off”, La Baracca

video “On-off”


info “POP UP", Teatro delle Briciole

video “POP UP"


KinderKinder Internationales Musik und Theater-Festival

La Baracca - Teatro Testoni Ragazzi

Teatro delle Briciole

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