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Germany – Teatro Due Mondi theatre company on tour

“Fiesta” and “Carosello” are the street performances staged in Paderborn (25th May) and Torgau (27th may)
Germany – Teatro Due Mondi theatre company on tour

ph. Diego Diaz

The Teatro Due Mondi group has been doing theatre research and theatre pedagogy for over 30 years. Their artistic research is based on auto-pedagogical processes that generate shows and that stimulate diversified educational activities.
Due to a strong social motivation, the group aims at bringing theatre where it is especially needed: suburbs, orphanages, socially disadvantaged areas, streets and squares.

In Germany, on 25th May they present “Fiesta” in Paderborn and on 27th May “Carosello” in Torgau.

"Fiesta" is a street-parade which use an itinerary form. The show is made by some stops during which the main narrative scenes take place.
Actors tell little burlesque stories, inspired by Gabriel García Márquez, among drum rhythms, three-metre-long figures with faces of papier-mâché, colourful patched costumes, banners, whistles, fire…In an onomatopoeic language-mix, the street-parade transforms streets into a feast.

"Carosello" (Carousel) features the characters of "The Bremen Town Musicians" and transforms the traditional fairytale into a new and contemporary story taking place in the streets of European cities.
The message of the story is told in a poetic, ironic and subtle way, inviting spectators to think on our contemporary world and its changes: a world where dreaming is still possible and where everybody can mix together in a big carousel of colours.

The tour is supported by Emilia-Romagna Region Culture Department.

info "Fiesta"
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info "Carosello"
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