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Instabili Vaganti theatre company's new tour in South America

The Spanish version of their award-winner show MADE IN ILVA is staged in Uruguay, Chile, Argentina until the 2nd of December

MADE IN ILVA by Instabili Vaganti theatre company has started a new tour, back in South America with its Spanish version for the second time.

At the beginning of October, the show has been guest of the most important festival dedicated to performing arts in Uruguay, FIDAE- Festival Internacional de Artes Escénicas, staging in three of the most important cities of the Country -Salto, Paysandù and Mercedes.

In mid-November, the company moved to Chile, in Santiago, where the Dept. for Theatre of the University of Chile invited Anna Dora Dorno and Nicola Pianzola to lead the workshop “The Organic Body”, focused on the actor’s physical and vocal training.

From Santiago to the extreme south of Chile, where the company is guest of the FITICH - Festival Internacional de Teatro Itinerante por Chiloé Produndo.
MADE IN ILVA has been presented in Osorno (November 23), in Hualaihué (November 25) and is now on stage in Chaitén, on the 28th of November.

In Osorno, in the frame of the FITICH festival and in collaboration with the Cultural City Center and the cultural association CapaNegra, the company led another workshop on physical and vocal training, “The memory of the body & the song of absence”.
This workshop is part of the international project on performing arts “Rags of memory”, conceived and directed by Anna Dora Dorno, involving 13 Countries, beside Italy.

The company’s trip goes on in Argentina, where MADE IN ILVA is on stage in Buenos Aires on 1st and 2nd December.




Compagnia Teatrale Instabili Vaganti

FIDAE - Festival Internacional de Artes Escénicas de Uruguay

FITICH - Festival International de Teatro Itinerante por Chiloè Profundo

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