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Iran - The Roads of Friendship, Ravenna - Tehran

On the XX anniversary of ‘The Roads of Friendship’ project, the XXVIII edition of the Ravenna Festival looks East and reaches ancient Persia. Riccardo Muti at the head of the concert with a programme entirely dedicated to Verdi. In Tehran, on the 6th July. In Ravenna, on the 8th July

On the XX anniversary of ‘The Roads of Friendship’ project, the XXVIII edition of the Ravenna Festival looks East and reaches ancient Persia. The journey starts in Ravenna -itself a door onto the East- to cement relationships with a Country whose ties with Italy prevail over geographical reasons.

Once again, Riccardo Muti will be at the head of  this journey, in a concert with a programme entirely dedicated to Verdi.

Under his baton, Italian and Iranian artists perform together in Tehran (July 6) and Ravenna (July 8), in the same spirit of brotherhood that has breathed life into the ‘Roads of Friendship’ programme since 1997, in worldwide locations that are symbolic of ancient and contemporary history.

In Muti’s own words: “Better than economy, better than politics, better than verbal languages, music can provide direct communication, tugging at the heartstrings with no need for mediation. And this leads to the concerts of the ‘Roads of Friendship’ programme, to the heart of their very reason for being.”
This spirit of brotherhood has been at the heart of the project since the first historical concert in Sarajevo, the first of many highly symbolical places.

The project for a double concert in Tehran and Ravenna comes less than two years after the rebirth of the Teheran Symphony Orchestra and Choir.
On this occasion, the Orchestra joins the “Luigi Cherubini” Youth Orchestra and selected musicians from some major Italian symphony and opera ensembles (Teatro Petruzzelli, Bari, Teatro Municipale, Bologna, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Teatro Carlo Felice, Genoa, Teatro San Carlo, Naples, La Scala, Milan, Teatro Massimo, Palermo, and Teatro dell’Opera, Rome).
Over 100 instrumentalists perform with an equally large choir (which consists of the Italian Choir of the Municipal Theatre of Piacenza, and of Iranian artists).
The concert will be held in the Vahdat Hall in Tehran on July 6, and at the Pala De André in Ravenna on July 8.

Giuseppe Verdi’s universal music will provide a bridge between East and West under the baton of Riccardo Muti, “The King of Verdi”.
Tenor Piero Pretti, baritone Luca Salsi and bass Riccardo Zanellato will lend their voices to a programme including arias, symphonies and choruses.

This new step in the Ravenna Festival’s ‘Roads of Friendship’ project was made possible through a partnership with the Roudaki Foundation, and thanks to the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Environmental Conservation, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Emilia-Romagna Region, the Italian Embassy in Tehran, and the Embassy and Cultural Institute of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Italy.



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