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Slovakia – Teatro delle Albe theathre company at the Festival Astorka

“Rumore di acque" (Noise in the Water) by Marco Martinelli is the first Italian performance invited to the Festival. In Bratislava, on October 26

“Rumore di acque" (Noise in the Water), painful and pensive monologue by Marco Martinelli on the refugees dead and missed in the Mediterranean Sea, keeps on travelling around the world.
After the performances in Germany, France, Belgium, United States, the translation and publication in six different languages and the partnership with Face à Face and Fabulamundi, the show ““oratorio for the sacrificed ones” -as it has also been defined- is now staged at the Festival Astorka in Bratislava.

Organized by ASTORKA Korzo ’90 Theatre, the international festival, now in its 13th edition, since 2003 has been presenting artists and shows from Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, USA, Estonia, Belarus. “Rumore di acque” is the first Italian performance invited to the Festival.



Festival Astorka

Teatro delle Albe/Ravenna Teatro

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