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South Africa – Exhibit “Food in the drawings by Fellini” and other appointments with the Maestro

The National Arts Festival of Grahamstown celebrates the great director with the section “FELLINI, FOOD & GIULIETTA”. From 30th June to 7th July

Federico Fellini made thousands of drawings, drawing was an almost maniac compulsion for him, he started doing it at the age of 15 and never stopped.

The exhibition “Food in the drawings by Federico Fellini” is composed by 19 drawings made by the Maestro in different moments of his career, almost all splattered at the table –made on paper and on cloth napkins- and coming mostly from his “Libro dei sogni” (the Book of Dreams), a dreamlike journal kept for about thirty years.

And we can say that food -just like childhood and dreaming- is at the root of all Fellini’s work, an extraordinary world fully reflected by this exhibition, realized by the Emilia-Romagna Region Culture Department on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the death of the Maestro.

The display is set-up from 30th June to 7th July. Two documentaries accompany it:

“Food in the cinema by Fellini” by Giuseppe Ricci, a patchwork of scenes taken from Fellini’s films related to food

“Long Journey”, a very peculiar animated short film based on the Maestro’s drawings realized by Andrej Khrzhanovskij in 1997 with screenplay by scriptwriter and Fellini associate, Tonino Guerra.

Screenings on 3rd and 5th July.

The events are part of “FELLINI, FOOD & GIULIETTA”, a celebration of the great Italian director inside the National Art Festival, realized thanks to co-operation of the Italian Cultural Institute of Pretoria, which also includes the screenings of:

“La Strada” (1st and 4th July)
“Night of Cabiria” (2nd and 6th July)

The National Arts Festival is the biggest annual celebration of the arts on the African continent.
Under banner of the key-word “disruption”, the festival presents works that blur genres, spark debate and aim to encourage engagement. A rich and interactive hub of content and a generator of cultural networking and exchange.


images from the exhibit “Food in the drawings by Federico Fellini”

short film “Long journey” by Andrej Khrzhanovskij

documentary “Food in the cinema by Fellini” by Giuseppe Ricci



National Arts Festival

Italian Cultural Institute of Pretoria

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