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Spain – La Baracca theatre company guest of the festival YOSOYBEBÉ 2017

The company stages “Girotondo”, a show for children aged 1-4 years. In Granada, on 27th May

The festival YOSOYBEBÉ proposes a programme of theatre, music and others fine arts expressly created for the little ones, with the purpose of enabling them a first approach to art and stimulating their sensations and emotions.
Many Spanish and foreign groups are on stage and this year Italy and France are the Guest Countries.

La Baracca theatre company presents “Girotondo”, a show for children aged 1-4 years.
It is a gestural story, without a text, that narrates the meeting of two travellers.
One of them is brimming with curiosity and enjoys being on the road, while the other is more cautious and prefers to stay in one place.
Together, they discover more and more new things in a travel full of music, games of light and shadows, magic and joyful images.

The company La Baracca-Testoni Ragazzi has been making theatre for children, especially for the very young, for the last 30 years. “Girotondo” has toured Cameroon, Spain and Italy.


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Festival YOSOYBEBÉ, Artes y Primera Infancia

La Baracca - Testoni Ragazzi

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