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Spain – Soqquadro Italiano on tour with Vivaldi

The ensamble is guest of three different festivals with “Stabat Mater”, a show blending music, singing and dance. In Torroella de Montgrí on 18 th August, in Jaca on 20th August and in San Sebastián on 22nd August

Soqquadro Italiano is a cultural project created by Claudio Borgianni and Vincenzo Capezzuto. Their idea comes from the common interest in music, theater and the Italian artistic production at the turn of the sixteenth and seventh centuries. Key words: "contamination", "fusion" and "Italian", in a constant research of past and present and attention to all forms of artistic expression.

The ensamble presents in the Spanish tour a totally new and inedited "Stabat Mater”, the renowned religious hymn by Antonio Vivaldi.
The show, that is part of their wider “The Vivaldi Project”, blends music, singing and dance in a sort of “Opera Totale”.

The “re-writing” of Vivaldi by Claudio Borgianni gives Vincenzo Capezzuto the possibility to pass from singing to small moments of acting and -thanks to Mauro Bigonzetti’s choreographic work-, to dance, making the audience lose the horizon of the boundaries among the various genres of performing arts.
And maybe that “Mater Dolorosa” represents ourselves living in the disorientation of our present days.

The show is guest of the Festival Torroella de Montgrí on 18 th August, of the Festival Camino de Santiago on 20th August and of the Quincena Musical de San Sebastián on 22nd August.

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info Torroella de Montrí, 18 th August

info Jaca, 20th August

info San Sebastián, 22nd August


Festival Torroella de Montgrí

XXVI Festival Camino de Santiago

Quincena Musical de San Sebastián / Donostiako Musika Hamabostaldia

Soqquadro Italiano

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