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Switzerland – “I Bislacchi” by Artemis Danza

The tribute to Fellini by the choreographer Monica Casadei is performed in a Zurich on the 29th November

“In my opinion, Federico Fellini’s characters are all “Bislacchi” (odd fellows). They seem strange, surreal, but they are persons you can easily meet in Fellini’s land, the Romagna. They have a peculiar poetry, made of an originality and a kind of humanity in-between naivety and exuberance, in which drama and merriment often intersect.”

This is how Monica Casadei talks about her show “I Bislacchi. A tribute to Fellini”, inspired by the universe of the great Italian director.

The first part of the show quotes the sophisticate and bourgeois backgrounds of films as "La dolce vita" or "Casanova", the second part is a clear tribute to "I clowns", the third refers to "La strada" and "Amarcord".

But the show does not reproduce sequences or moments of the films. Atmospheres, characters, sensations are re-created on Nino Rota’s renowned music by choreographies full of energy and vigour, of poetry and irony, following the Maestro Fellini’s same spirit.





compagnia Artemis Danza / Monica Casadei

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