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The Culture of Emilia-Romagna

Teatro dei Venti in Croatia

The street show “Simurgh” is in Karlovac at the KAKAFE - Karlovacki Kazališni Festival on the 4th of July and in Pula at the PUF - Pula International Theatre Festival on the 5th of July
Teatro dei Venti in Croatia

ph. Chiara Ferrin

“Simurgh” is based on the Persian poem “The Word of Birds” written by Farid al­-Din 'Attar in 1177.

It tells the story of birds fallen from the “bird town” to the earth and of the rising of Simurgh, their guidance.

Amongst challenges, accidents, brave flights, funny falls, songs, dances and acrobatics, eight actors and two musicians narrate a myth from the Middle East in a vision that rises and disappears in front of the audience.




Teatro dei Venti

PUF - Pula International Theatre Festival

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