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Teatro Due Mondi on tour in Montenegro

“Carosello” and "Fiesta" staged in Tivat and Podgora from 27th to 29th July

“InArT”, the first festival of street performers in Montenegro, takes place in Tivat until July 30th.
The streets, squares and beaches of Tivat change into stages for musicians, dancers, theatre companies, with the intent of giving the artists the opportunity to present themselves in many location and giving the public the possibility to have a direct and interactive relations with the artists.

Street theatre has been one of the artistic lines of research developed by Teatro Due Mondi for many years, which has led the company to develop theatrical techniques mainly based on the use of the body and of non-verbal communication, approach that make easier to talk to the most heterogeneous public -adults, young, old people, children from different countries and of different cultural, social and ethnic backgrounds.

Two performances by the company Teatro Due Mondi are on stage (“on street”) in Tivat.

"Carousel" (27th July) features the characters of "The Bremen Town Musicians" and transforms the traditional fairytale into a new and contemporary story, as there is a new animal, a stork, joining the usual group. It has to deliver a new baby to his family, the baby is black and his mother’s name is Madame Europe, and she lives in Hospitality Street, a road which is not easy to find in the old continent. The spectators are involved in the research, and the story -told in a poetic, ironic and subtle way- allows them to reflect on our contemporary world and its changes.

“Fiesta” (28th July) is an itinerary performance full of drum rhythms, ten feet tall characters on stills, colourful costumes, banners, whistles and fire. "Fiesta" advances, people follow this fantastic parade. At once, it stops: spectators form a big circle, to listen to little burlesque stories told in an onomatopoetic mix of languages. An then it goes on, from scene to scene.

On 29th July the jolly and ramshackle human-animal band of “Carousel” moves to Podgorica for another performance.

info "Carousel"

video "Carousel"

info "Fiesta"

video "Fiesta"



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