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The new show by Teatro Due Mondi makes its début in Germany

The title is “The Nine Commandments” and it is an open-air diabolical show about the Money God
The new show by Teatro Due Mondi makes its début in Germany

ph. Stefano Tedioli

A Golden Calf is arrived in the square of the city, accompanied by his devil-servants, to announce the Money God’s Nine Commandments. From above a big golden and silver colored altar, he shows how the perverse dynamics of our contemporary society follows his lesson, as people are governed by the only one deity: money and its market laws.

The devils, dressed as businessmen and rich merchants, present scenes of daily life that illustrate in a funny and cruel, satiric and grotesque way how devils and humans are still worshipping the Golden Calf.

“The Nine Commandments” is a show conceived for a numerous and international audience. The actors move on a scaffold built of tubes and platforms so to be seen by a large number of standing spectators. Words are banned, only actions, sounds and notices in different languages remain, together with a sound track made of famous pieces by the Beatles, Edith Piaf, Pink Floyd, Pharrell Williams and many others.

The début in Germany of Teatro Due Mondi’s new production is supported by Emilia-Romagna Region Culture Department. The theatre company has covered part of the costs of production by means of a crowdfunding campaign promoted also with a funny video.


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