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Turkey - Soqquadro Italiano guest of the Istanbul Music Festival

In the new project dedicated to Vivaldi, “La Stravaganza”, the ensamble performs with a chamber orchestra, among ancient and modern sounds and art videos. On the 5th of June

The Istanbul Music Festival has presented the best and most recent outputs of classical music for 45 years, with more than three hundred events proposing new talent as well as international stars, on the belief that change is as important as tradition.

The 2017 edition, which takes place from 29th May to 21st June, is held under the theme of “Unusual”.

So, here is Soqquadro Italiano and "La Stravaganza" (queerness), a new project dedicated to Antonio Vivaldi (on 5th June, at Zorlu PSM - Drama Stage).
Claudio Borgianni and Vincenzo Capezzuto’s ensamble -"soloist" of the show- dialogues with the chamber orchestra Camerata Strumentale Città di Prato, amongst early music instruments and modern ones and art videos with images of Italian cities.
A game of fusion presenting a completely new, unexpected, bizarre Vivaldi.

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Istanbul Music Festival

Soqquadro Italiano

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