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United States – “First Tray” by Enza Negroni

The film documentary by the director from Bologna is presented at the "N.I.C.E. New Italian Cinema Events". In San Francisco, on November 10

The rugby coach Max selects three young inmates for the multiethnic prison team ‘Giallo Dozza’ in the penitentiary of Bologna. Through months of intense training and hard work, Max is able to transform defeats in desire for redemption. On the pitch, life of the young inmates changes and it is opposed to loneliness and slow rhythms of the prison’s cells. The new players grow with the team and reach the first victory of the C league season but a new unexpected challenge is waiting for them.

It is the story told by Enza Negroni in her second feature film "First Tray" (La prima meta).
Director, scriptwriter and producer, Enza Negroni has been working for thirty years exploring various film languages -from social and biographical documentary to artistic and historical documentary.
She decided to shoot "First Try"  to deepen and understand the process of inclusion of inmates through the rugby discipline in the multiethnic prison context. Moreover, the documentary genre allows her to tell the experience without mediation, narrating the attempt to emerge from a strong discomfort.

A theme very suitable to the NICE film festival’s spirit which, as explained by the director Viviana del Bianco, proposes different genres providing a response to different themes. “In their diversity, characters, places, choral stories, languages tell stories far apart but often sharing a psychological investigation which reveals the many dynamics of social relationships declined in any different ranks”.

The festival takes place in San Francisco at the Vogue Theatre, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute and the Consulate General of Italy, from 8 to 12 November, then in New York (14-17 November), Philadelphia (1-3 December) and Washington D.C. (7-8 December).

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Enza Negroni

NICE Film Festival 2017

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