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The Culture of Emilia-Romagna

United States – Motus theatre company at La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club of New York for a creative residency

From 20th to 30th May the company based in Rimini starts working towards PANORAMA, their new project which will be premiered in New York in January 2018

After having hosted one of the "Furious Diaspora" workshops by Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Nicolò in January 2016, La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club of New York has officially invited Motus theatre company to create a new show with the actors of their main performing company, the Great Jones Repertory Company.
The new production, PANORAMA, will receive a grant by the prestigious NEA Arts Foundation.

This project is ideally an extension of Motus company’s research on the issues of border and conflict, started with the performance "MDLSX": from the tensions on the boundaries we live within our own body, to the broader conflicts connected to the “interstitial” communities, on the move, seeking new dwellings.

PANORAMA, in fact, is born from the idea of triggering a collective open reflection upon the human necessity to move, to travel, to discover, to have the chance to see the most possible without barriers or limits.

Through the paths of all participant actors’ personal stories, universal issues will be addressed. Starting from their own experiences, new existential panoramas will be developed, in which the condition of being migrant is converted in an intrinsic state of human beings, so rejecting any kind of definition related to one’s own situation.




La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club

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