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Uruguay – Instabili Vaganti guest of the FIDAE International Festival of Performing Arts

The theatre company presents MADE IN ILVA, the award-winning show inspired by the ILVA steelworks case. From the 7th to the 10th of October in Salto, Paysandù, Mercedes

Instabili Vaganti theatre company is still receiving approval for their show MADE IN ILVA - The Contemporary Hermit, a very emotional performance which, inspired by the tragedy of the biggest steelworks of Europe -the Ilva in Taranto-, tells about the despair and the sadness of whom is forced to live as an exploited person.

The Spanish version of the show is guest of the FIDAE - Festival Internacional de Artes Escénicas, the most important performing arts festival in Uruguay.
Organized by the Ministry for Education and Culture in collaboration with the Uruguayan Federation of Independent Theatres, it takes place all over the Country every two years.

“MADE IN ILVA” is on stage at the Larrañaga Theatre in Salto on October 7, at the Municipal Auditorium Miguel A. Pias in Paysandù on October 9 and at 28 de Febrero Theatre in Mercedes on October 10.

Instabili Vaganti’ tour in Uruguay is supported by Emilia-Romagna Region Culture Dept and the Italian Cultural Institute in Montevideo.




FIDAE - Festival Internacional de Artes Escénica

compagnia teatrale Instabili Vaganti

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