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The Culture of Emilia-Romagna


ph. John Nguyen

France - "Italiani a Parigi" (Italians in Paris) 3. Performance and live concert by Dewey Dell

"Italiani a Parigi" (Italians in Paris) is a project on Italian contemporary dance by Regione Emilia-Romagna Culture Department and Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione. From 17th to 20th May focus on Dewey Dell

MIC Faenza - Martha Pachon Color Screen Series

Germany – The MIC Faenza presents Italian ceramic excellences at the Eunique Fair

The International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza and the Westerwald Museum in Hohr-Grenzhausen organize an exhibition of Italian artists at the ninth edition of the Fair to represent Italy as host country. In Karlsruhe, from 19th to 21st May

CollettivO CineticO, 10 miniballetti. Ph. Claudia Pajewski

France - "Italiani a Parigi" (Italians in Paris) 2. "10 mini balletti” by CollettivO CineticO

"Italiani a Parigi" (Italians in Paris) is a project on Italian contemporary dance by Regione Emilia-Romagna and Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione. The performance by choreographer Francesca Pennini on stage from 14th to 17th May

Instabili Vaganti, Megalopolisproject#43

France – “Megalopolis # Messico”. Preview of the docu-film by Instabili Vagnti theatre company

Within the Festival de Caves in Bordeaux, the company presents the project Megalopolis#Messico and the documentary describing the production of the show on the tragic facts of Iguala realized with 43 Mexican students. In Bordeaux, on 13th May

Le Briciole, Rosso Cappuccetto

Switzerland- “Rosso Cappuccetto” by Teatro delle Briciole theatre company

The very peculiar set up of the ancient fairy tale is on stage at the festival of theatre for early years “Il Maggiolino”. In Lugano, on 14th May

France - "Italiani a Parigi" (Italians in Paris) 1. Virgilio Sieni and Eivind Aarset on stage with "Isolotto"

"Italiani a Parigi" (Italians in Paris) is a project on Italian contemporary dance by Regione Emilia-Romagna and Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione. Sieni on stage from 11th to 14th may

Motus, Daniela Nicolò e Enrico Casagrande

Switzerland - Meeting with the artistic equipe of "MDLSX"

Motus and Silvia Calderoni on stage with "MDLSX" at the Théâtre de Vidy in Lausanne from 9th to 13th May

Teatro Gioco Vita - Le Ciel des Ours, ph. Serena Groppelli

France - "Le Ciel des Ours" by Teatro Gioco Vita theatre company

The French version of the successful show of shadow theatre (more than three hundred performances) is on stage in Bourges from 11th to 12th May

ph. Giuseppe Porisini

Spain - Soqquadro Italiano and the “Vivaldi project”

The ensamble based in Bologna performs “Stabat Mater” in Santander on 29th April

La Baracca theatre company guest of the festival “Il Maggiolino” in Switzerland and of the “Kaolin & Barbotine festival” in France

Three are the shows proposed in the events. “The little elephant” is on stage with two performances in Lugano on 11th May, while “Girotondo” (on 12th and 13th May) and “Upside Down” (14th and 15th May) are staged in Limoges

Switzerland - Enza Negroni in the official competition at the 48th Edition of Vision du Réel International Film Festival

“First Try” (La prima meta), the documentary film by the director from Bologna about the rugby team based in Bologna prison, is presented in the official competition in the section Grand Angle with the International Premiere. In Nyon and Gland on 22nd and 23rd of April

United States - Cappella Artemisia on tour

“INVINCIBLE! 17th-Century Italian Nuns Sing Of Virgins And Martyrs” is the title of the programme proposed by the ensamble based in Bologna presenting music from Italian convents in the Baroque period. From 20th April to 1st May

ph. Marco Caselli Nirmal

Artemis Danza for the reopening of the Municipal Theatre in Tunis

Monica Casadei's dance company performs “Traviata” on the 27th of April

ph. Serena Groppelli

France – “Lady of Porto Pim” by Teatro Gioco Vita theatre company

The ballad for actors and shadows based on the short story by Antonio Tabucchi is on tour in Frouard, Ifs, Auray from 23rd to 27th April

Federico Fellini

United States – Everlasting Federico

The UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive features the screening of “Amarcord”, one of Fellini's most celebrated works, Oscar for Best Foreign Film. In Berkeley, on 23rd and 29th April and 13th May

FraternalCompagnia, Capitan Fracassa

France – “Captain Fracassa” by FraternalCompagnia theatre company

On 20th April the debut of “Le Capitaine Fracasse ou les mirobolantes aventures du Baron de Sigognac”, a French-Italian co-production realized in an artistic residency in partnership with the association Palinsesto and with the collaboration of Université Paris 3 - Sorbonne Nouvelle

Paris - Santarcangelo Festival for DO DISTURB

This year the French festival DO DISTURB is presenting a collaboration with some of the world’s most dynamic performance and live show festivals

South Korea - The MIC Faenza represents Italy at the Gyeonggi Ceramic Biennale

“In The Earth Time” is an exhibition on contemporary Italian ceramics. In Yeoju-si, from 22nd April to 28th May

ph. Ilaria Scarpa

Lithuania – Ateliersi in artistic residency at the Menų spaustuvė / Arts Printing House

Within the Urban Spray Lexicon Project, a dramaturgical and performative research by Ateliersi on the writings that appear and disappear from the city walls. In Vilnius, until the 30th of April

“The Singer and his Instrument” by Claudia Marchi

The mezzo-soprano from Bologna has curated a “Vocalist’s handbook” published in Italian, English and Chinese

Brazil – From Umberto Eco to Babel together with Paolo Fabbri

The eminent semiotician and scholar from Rimini is in São Paulo to hold two conferences on 11th and 12th April

China – Great success for the exhibit "The legacy of a thousand years of Italian ceramic art" by the MIC Faenza

350 thousand visitors in three months at the Henan Museum in Zhengzhou. Second step in Hangzhou, until the 16th June

Latvia – Last step of the exhibit “European cultural lifestyle in ceramics”

The exhibition is organized by the MIC Faenza and other eight European museums within the project “Ceramics and its dimensions”. On 6th April opening in Riga, where it is set until 19 June

Sementerie Artistiche, Lontano blu

Argentina – Sementerie Artistiche theatre company presents “Lontano blu”

Birth and death are the themes of the performance where the boundaries between stage and reality are mixed. In Buenos Aires, on 9th April

Lucio Dalla

France – “Lucio Dalla, a poet of song”

A meeting to know the Italian songwriter organized by the Italian Cultural Institute. In Paris, on the 6th of April

Ramin Bahrami e Massimo Mercelli

Germany – Ramin Bahrami and Massimo Mercelli in concert

The pianist Ramin Bahrami, one of the most important contemporary performer of Bach, and Massimo Mercelli, former first flute at La Fenice Theatre in Venice and artistic director of Emilia Romagna Festival, play together at the Steinway Haus in Munich on 6th April

ph. Guido Mencari

Switzerland - "Democracy in America" by Romeo Castellucci

The “not political” show freely inspired by De Tocqueville’s work is staged in Lausanne within the 13th PROGRAMME COMMUN festival of performing arts from 30th March to 2nd April

Societas/Castellucci, “Giulio Cesare. Pezzi staccati”

Portugal – The Societas of Castellucci at the BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts

“Julius Caesar. Spared parts” is on stage in Oporto on 30th and 31st of March

CollettivO CineticO, 10 miniballetti. Ph. Claudia Pajewski

Serbia - “10 miniballetti” by CollettivO CineticO dance company

On the 3rd of March the performance is guest of the Belgrade Dance Festival fourteenth edition

Aterballetto, Antitesi - ph. Nadir Bonazzi

Switzerland – Aterballetto in Lugano at the LAC

On 25th March the Company presents “Upper-East-Side / 14'20'' / Antitesi”, a triple-bill with choreography by Michele Di Stefano, Jiri Kylian, Andonis Foniadakis

STIFFELIO - image by Cantadori Design Office

United Kingdom – Presentation of the Festival Verdi 2017

A plunge into Giuseppe Verdi’s music and world. In London on 23rd March

Aterballetto, BLISS - ph. Nadir Bonazzi

Germany – Aterballetto opens the tanzmainz festival

On 23rd March, German premiere of “BLISS” by Johan Inger, one of the choreography the Company presents together with “Antitesi” by Andonis Foniadakis and “#hybrid” by Philippe Kratz

Teatro del Drago, Pinocchio

Teatro del Drago in Germany with…Pinocchio

Mini-tour in Speyer and Wolfsburg for the historic show by Teatro del Drago/Famiglia d'Arte Monticelli company. Until the 27th of March

Tunisia – A “Fiesta” together with Teatro Due Mondi theatre company

The show is guest of the Festival "24 heures de théâtre non stop”. In Kef, on 26th March

ph. John Nguyen

Austrian premiere of “Sleep Technique” by Dewy Dell company

The show is guest of the festival imagetanz 2017 - What’s new in Choreography. In Wien, on 25th and 26th of March

Centro Cinema Cesena - Divorce, Italian Style by Pietro Germi (1961). Marcello Mastroianni [ph. Divo Cavicchioli]

France - Exhibition "The cinema reads"

Within "Les Journées du Cinéma Italien", the Centro Cinema Città di Cesena presents an unusual gallery of Italian cinema pictures where the common denominator is the act of reading. In Nice, from 11th to 25th of March

La Baracca, La bella o la bestia

Switzerland – “The beauty or the beast” by La Baracca theatre company

The show deals with a subtle and very topical issue. What is beauty? It only depends on the way we look at and live our life. In Lugano, on 19th and 20th March

Aterballetto, L'eco dell'acqua

Luxemburg - Aterballetto on tour

The dance company presents a triple-bill dedicated to the young Italian choreography. In Esch-sur-Alzette on the 19th of March

Call for workshops and lazyshops within the European project “A Manual on Work and Happiness”

L'arboreto - Teatro Dimora in Mondaino (Rimini) is one of the partner involved

United Kingdom – A very particular stage light by La Baracca theatre company

The show “Spot” is on stage at the Belfast Children's Festival on 14th and 15th March


United Kingdom - Suz feat White Raven

Mini European Tour for the Bolognese singer to present her latest album. In London, on 15th March

Germany - "Girotondo" by La Baracca theatre company

The show is guest of the Starke Stücke Festival. In Frankfurt, on 10th and 11th March and in Darmstadt, on 12th and 13th March

Marcello Mastroianni in 8 ½. Ph. Paul Ronald. Centro Cinema Città di Cesena

Germany – Exhibition “Marcello Mastroianni - Portrait of an actor”

Rare pictures, posters, memorabilia belonging to Centro studi Mastroianni, Centro Cinema Città di Cesena and Cineteca di Bologna, to get into this fascinating actor’s surprising game. In Berlin until the 10th of March

ph. Simone Stanislai

Australian premiere for MDLSX by Motus theatre company

The show is guest of the Adelaide Festival from 10th to 13th March

Teatro delle Ariette - Sul tetto del mondo

France – The Ariette theatre company’s poetics “on the roof of the world”

The mystery of gestures and words that tell the time of life as a theatre of utopias and passions, the dream of two scarecrows. In Morangis, on 9th and 10th of March

“Illustrazione per Ragazzi: Eccellenze italiane”, Il Cairo

Egypt – Exhibition “Illustration for children: Italian excellence”

Selection curated by Bologna Children’s Book Fair of Italian artists able to decline illustration as a complex and contemporary language. In Cairo until the 10th of February

Coro Arcanto, Bologna

Germany – “La Catastròfa: Oratorio per Marcinelle” with the Arcanto Choir

A musical journey into the past with the Choir based in Bologna to commemorate the disaster occurred in 1956. In Berlin, on the 5th of February

ph. Dan Norman

France - “Circoluna” by Teatro Gioco Vita theatre company on stage at La Villette

A coloured and fantastic adventure in a play of lights and shadows and a bit of magic. In Paris, from 31st January to 19th February

ph. Serena Groppelli

France – The long tour of “Bears’ Heaven” by Teatro Gioco Vita theatre company

From February to May the French version of the show is staged in six cities

Edoardo Leo, Claudio Amendola, Luca Argentero, Stefano Fresi in “Noi e la Giulia” di Edoardo Leo (2015) - ph. Maria Marin

France – The Centro Cinema Città di Cesena at the Festival du Cinéma Italien de Bastia

The exhibition "CliCiak" is a selection of the pictures competing in the 19th edition of the Italian award dedicated to still photographers. From 4th to 11th February

Ugo Tognazzi, Elke Sommer in “Femmine di lusso” di Giorgio Bianchi (1960), ph. Divo Cavicchioli

France – The Centro Cinema di Cesena presents the exhibition "Italian cinema between table and kitchen"

The best still photographers' prying eye in a retrospective within the "Reindez-vous du cinema italien" 22nd edition. In Reims until the 11th of March

Estonia - Ceramics as a fundamental material in human life

The international exhibition “The European Cultural Lifestyle in Ceramics - from Baroque until Today” connects the MIC International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza with other eight European museums. In Tallin, until the 26th of March

ph. Nada Gank

Belgium – Motus and Silvia Calderoni still on tour with MDLSX

After the successful year 2016, the show is on stage at the Kunstencentrum Vooruit in Ghent from 26th to 27th January

France – “Vangelo” (Gospel) by Pippo Delbono’s tour goes on

After Paris, the show produced by ERT – Emilia Romagna Teatro is on stage in Villeneuve d'Ascq on 24-25, in Douai on 27-28, in Maubeuge on the 31st of January

Arago design

Germany - Open Design Italia presents the exhibition "New Shapes of Made in Italy"

Promotion of the "made in Italy" and independent creativity through the preciousness and talent of fourteen young designers. In Berlin, from 9th January to 3rd February 2017

France – “Buchettino” by Chiara Guidi

Sound story among 50 little beds, from "Le Petit Poucet" by Charles Perrault, produced by the Societas theatre company. In Lyon until the 15th of January

France – “Vangelo” (Gospel) by Pippo Delbono

The show produced by ERT – Emilia Romagna Teatro is on stage in Paris until the 21st of January

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