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The Culture of Emilia-Romagna

Foreground events

Aterballetto, Antitesi - ph. Nadir Bonazzi

Switzerland – Aterballetto in Lugano at the LAC

On 25th March the Company presents “Upper-East-Side / 14'20'' / Antitesi”, a triple-bill with choreography by Michele Di Stefano, Jiri Kylian, Andonis Foniadakis

Teatro del Drago, Pinocchio

Teatro del Drago in Germany with…Pinocchio

Mini-tour in Speyer and Wolfsburg for the historic show by Teatro del Drago/Famiglia d'Arte Monticelli company. Until the 27th of March

Tunisia – A “Fiesta” together with Teatro Due Mondi theatre company

The show is guest of the Festival "24 heures de théâtre non stop”. In Kef, on 26th March

ph. John Nguyen

Austrian premiere of “Sleep Technique” by Dewy Dell company

The show is guest of the festival imagetanz 2017 - What’s new in Choreography. In Wien, on 25th and 26th of March

Aterballetto, BLISS - ph. Nadir Bonazzi

Germany – Aterballetto opens the tanzmainz festival

On 23rd March, German premiere of “BLISS” by Johan Inger, one of the choreography the Company presents together with “Antitesi” by Andonis Foniadakis and “#hybrid” by Philippe Kratz

STIFFELIO - image by Cantadori Design Office

United Kingdom – Presentation of the Festival Verdi 2017

A plunge into Giuseppe Verdi’s music and world. In London on 23rd March

La Baracca, La bella o la bestia

Switzerland – “The beauty or the beast” by La Baracca theatre company

The show deals with a subtle and very topical issue. What is beauty? It only depends on the way we look at and live our life. In Lugano, on 19th and 20th March

Aterballetto, L'eco dell'acqua

Luxemburg - Aterballetto on tour

The dance company presents a triple-bill dedicated to the young Italian choreography. In Esch-sur-Alzette on the 19th of March

Call for workshops and lazyshops within the European project “A Manual on Work and Happiness”

L'arboreto - Teatro Dimora in Mondaino (Rimini) is one of the partner involved

Sementerie Artistiche, Lontano blu

Argentina – Sementerie Artistiche theatre company presents “Lontano blu”

Birth and death are the themes of the performance where the boundaries between stage and reality are mixed. In Buenos Aires, on 9th April

United Kingdom – A very particular stage light by La Baracca theatre company

The show “Spot” is on stage at the Belfast Children's Festival on 14th and 15th March


United Kingdom - Suz feat White Raven

Mini European Tour for the Bolognese singer to present her latest album. In London, on 15th March

Centro Cinema Cesena - Divorce, Italian Style by Pietro Germi (1961). Marcello Mastroianni [ph. Divo Cavicchioli]

France - Exhibition "The cinema reads"

Within "Les Journées du Cinéma Italien", the Centro Cinema Città di Cesena presents an unusual gallery of Italian cinema pictures where the common denominator is the act of reading. In Nice, from 11th to 25th of March

Germany - "Girotondo" by La Baracca theatre company

The show is guest of the Starke Stücke Festival. In Frankfurt, on 10th and 11th March and in Darmstadt, on 12th and 13th March

ph. Simone Stanislai

Australian premiere for MDLSX by Motus theatre company

The show is guest of the Adelaide Festival from 10th to 13th March

Teatro delle Ariette - Sul tetto del mondo

France – The Ariette theatre company’s poetics “on the roof of the world”

The mystery of gestures and words that tell the time of life as a theatre of utopias and passions, the dream of two scarecrows. In Morangis, on 9th and 10th of March

Marcello Mastroianni in 8 ½. Ph. Paul Ronald. Centro Cinema Città di Cesena

Germany – Exhibition “Marcello Mastroianni - Portrait of an actor”

Rare pictures, posters, memorabilia belonging to Centro studi Mastroianni, Centro Cinema Città di Cesena and Cineteca di Bologna, to get into this fascinating actor’s surprising game. In Berlin until the 10th of March

“Illustrazione per Ragazzi: Eccellenze italiane”, Il Cairo

Egypt – Exhibition “Illustration for children: Italian excellence”

Selection curated by Bologna Children’s Book Fair of Italian artists able to decline illustration as a complex and contemporary language. In Cairo until the 10th of February

Coro Arcanto, Bologna

Germany – “La Catastròfa: Oratorio per Marcinelle” with the Arcanto Choir

A musical journey into the past with the Choir based in Bologna to commemorate the disaster occurred in 1956. In Berlin, on the 5th of February

ph. Serena Groppelli

France – The long tour of “Bears’ Heaven” by Teatro Gioco Vita theatre company

From February to May the French version of the show is staged in six cities

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