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The Culture of Emilia-Romagna

Foreground events

Teatro delle Ariette in Marseille 11-15 September with the shows Winter Wedding and Theatre to eat

Performances for Marseille-Provence 2013, European Capital of Culture

The painters and stage designers Pier Giorgio Drioli and Pietro Lenzini in Belem to achieve the sets of Verdi's opera "Il Trovatore"

At the same time the two artists are making an “apparato effimero” originally a project of Jose Antonio Landi

On show in Lisbon the 'treasures' of Pico della Mirandola

The bibliography treasure of Giovanni Pico della Mirandola back to the light in Lisbon thanks to the initiative organized by Banco Espirito Santo. Up to September 22

The Italian band Sacri Cuori on tour in Australia and England in September with more than 40 representations

it is an italian band playing mostly instrumental music with a cinematic feel. It is based around an “open” line up of romantic villains featuring

Accademia Bizantina in Concert in Germany from 5 - 14 August

Concert with Viktoria Mullova in Ansbach 5 August; L'incoronazione di Dario RV 719 a Brema 14 August

Big tour of the company Nando e Maila that from 28 July to 27 August will be in Switzerland, France and Spain with the show "Sconcerto d'amore"

Sconcerto d’amore is a surreal concert-performance of gags, aerial acrobatics, musical games, daring sound and lots of comedy Nando

Teatro Due Mondi on tour in France with the performance Carosello - July 26-27

A group of eccentric animal-like characters are seeking new employment after being chased away from their workplace. They found a choir and sing comedic songs on the street in order to earn some money

Accademia Bizantina in France on July 5 with the concert "L'incoronazione di Dario RV 719"

Opera in 3 acts by A. Vivaldi CONDUCTOR – Ottavio Dantone CAST: Anders Dahlin – Dario Renata Pokupic – Statira Delphine Galou – Argene Riccardo Novaro – Niceno Roberta Mameli – Alinda Franco Fagioli – Oronte Yuryi Minenko – Arpago Giuseppina Brindelli – Flora

Compagnia Teatrale Instabili Vaganti in Austria on June 30 with the performance Rags of Memory - the Ritual

In the same day workshop on physical theatre & vocal experimentation directed by Anna Dora Dorno and Nicola Pianzola

Big tour in UK, June 3-20 , for La Baracca - Teatro Testoni Ragazzi with the show for children Spot

I’m the sun in the yellow, the sea in the blue and the sky in the light-blue; I’m fire in the red... and I turn red when I get excited!I’m a bright street; I’m a feast. Oh... I’m dark! And you can’t see me anymore! But you can listen to me breathe

Orchestra Mozart in concert in Paris on June 11

director Claudio Abbado, at the piano Radu Lupu and trumpet Reinhold Friedrich. ,

Nando e Maila to the Festival Sementes 2013 fin Potugal rom 31 May to 2 June with the show "Sconcerto d'amore"

Sconcerto d’amore is a surreal concert-performance of gags, aerial acrobatics, musical games, daring sound and lots of comedy

Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio in Germany with the performance On the concept of the face, regarding the son of God - from 30 May to 1 June

Once again, Romeo Castellucci turns to an apical icon of the human history: Jesus, with whom the time too confronts itself in most of the world

Long tour abroad of La Baracca - Teatro Testoni Ragazzi presenting in 13 European cities the children's show Spot - from 24 May to 20 June

Spot is a very particular stage light. Its light shines and expresses itself by drawing shapes and colours on the floor

Motus in Canada on May 24 - 27 with the show Nella Tempesta

Injuries, conflicts from today and hallucinated visions of tomorrow, between utopias and distopiae

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