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The Culture of Emilia-Romagna

Foreground events

Cineteca di Bologna, CINEVITAJ - film classici italiani in una nuova versione digitale

Slovakia – The Cineteca di Bologna for CINEVITAJ

Within Dolce Vitaj 2017, Italian festival in Slovakia, Cinevitaj is a series of classic Italian films in the new digital version curated by the Bolognese Foundation. In Bratislava, until the 22nd of June

Belgium – European premiere of “Letters to Lucio”

The film by Riccardo Marchesini on Lucio Dalla’s characters and songs is presented in Brussel on 19th June

Romania – Teatro dei Venti guest of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival

The theatre company based in Modena presents two street shows, “Il Draaago” e “Simurgh”, on 13th and 14th June

ALL THE STARS, ALL THE SEAS, collettivo Antonello Ghezzi

Greece – “All The Stars, All The Seas” by Antonello Ghezzi

In Athens, until the 14th of June, the exhibition of the collective of artists based in Bologna curated by Giusy Ragosa

Vangelo - Pippo Delbono/ERT, ph. Luca Del Pia

Romania – “Vangelo (Gospel)” by Pippo Delbono

The prose version of the show produced by ERT – Emilia Romagna Teatro is guest of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival. In Sibiu on 11th June

“Orchids” by Pippo Delbono-produzione ERT

Switzerland – “Orchids” by Pippo Delbono

The show represents the author’s vital need to go on talking about love in spite of everything. A production by Emilia Romagna Teatro. In Geneva, on 6th June

Turkey - Soqquadro Italiano guest of the Istanbul Music Festival

In the new project dedicated to Vivaldi, “La Stravaganza”, the ensamble performs with a chamber orchestra, among ancient and modern sounds and art videos. On the 5th of June

Societas/Castellucci, “Democracy in America” (2), ph. Guido Mencari

Netherlands - “Democracy in America” by Romeo Castellucci

The performance is on stage from 4th to 6th June at the Holland Festival - Internationaal Podiumkunsten Amsterdam. Meeting with the author on 5th June

Federica Rossi - Between Mother and Earth

Germany - “Between Mother and Earth” exhibition by Federica Rossi

25 large canvas symbolizing Life. At the Stuttgart Rathause until the 8th of June

Spain – La Baracca theatre company guest of the festival YOSOYBEBÉ 2017

The company stages “Girotondo”, a show for children aged 1-4 years. In Granada, on 27th May

Virginia Guastella

Spain - Virginia Guastella live concert

The pianist and composer performs her original music and her own transcriptions of Astor Piazzolla in the concert “Sul tasto” (on the key). In Barcelona on 27th May

ph. Nadir Bonazzi

Germany – Aterballetto dance company’s premiere at the Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen

From 27th to 29th May the company is on stage with the double-bill LEGO, by Giuseppe Spota, and ANTITESI, by Andonis Foniadakis

ph. Diego Diaz

Germany – Teatro Due Mondi theatre company on tour

“Fiesta” and “Carosello” are the street performances staged in Paderborn (25th May) and Torgau (27th may)

South Africa – La Baracca theatre company at the ASSITEJ World Congress and Performing Arts Festival

The show “Maloza - The Man Cub” is co-produced with ASSITEJ Zambia. In Cape Town, on 23rd and 24th May


United States – “The foundation of the Etruscan City, the example of Bologna”

A conversation on the developing elements of the Etruscan city, later Roman. The Medieval reconstruction, some notes on Bologna today. At the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco, on 25th May

Elsinor, Patrice Balbina

South Africa – “Patrice Balbina's Chance Encounter with the End of the World” by Elsinor

The show is born within the project Boomerang - Documents of poverty and hope, supported by the European Union, gathering theatres from three continents. In Cape Town, on 22nd and 23rd May

ph. John Nguyen

France - "Italiani a Parigi" (Italians in Paris) 3. Performance and live concert by Dewey Dell

"Italiani a Parigi" (Italians in Paris) is a project on Italian contemporary dance by Regione Emilia-Romagna Culture Department and Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione. From 17th to 20th May focus on Dewey Dell

MIC Faenza - Martha Pachon Color Screen Series

Germany – The MIC Faenza presents Italian ceramic excellences at the Eunique Fair

The International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza and the Westerwald Museum in Hohr-Grenzhausen organize an exhibition of Italian artists at the ninth edition of the Fair to represent Italy as host country. In Karlsruhe, from 19th to 21st May

United States – Motus theatre company at La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club of New York for a creative residency

From 20th to 30th May the company based in Rimini starts working towards PANORAMA, their new project which will be premiered in New York in January 2018

CollettivO CineticO, 10 miniballetti. Ph. Claudia Pajewski

France - "Italiani a Parigi" (Italians in Paris) 2. "10 mini balletti” by CollettivO CineticO

"Italiani a Parigi" (Italians in Paris) is a project on Italian contemporary dance by Regione Emilia-Romagna and Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione. The performance by choreographer Francesca Pennini on stage from 14th to 17th May

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