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The Culture of Emilia-Romagna

Foreground events

Motus in The Plot is the Revolution in New York frm 25 to 28 of October with the show "The Plot is the Revolution"

Motus staged an “encounter between two Antigones”, Judith Malina (Living Theatre) and Silvia Calderoni, to share an experiment with the spectators

Andrea Griminelli at the Carnagie Hall of New York: October 30, 2012

It is scheduled for October 30, 2012 at the famous Carnegie Hall in New York a concert that will feature Andrea Griminelli as the sole representative of the Italian culture overseas, during the presentation of the famous Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto. Griminelli will perform accompanied on the piano by Canadian musician Matt Herskowitz

Il Teatro Gioco Vita in Germany Octoberl 13 with the performance “ A midsummer night's dream”

a project by Walter Matteini and Fabrizio Montecchi for bodies and shadows

La Società della Civetta in Washington from November 7th to 10th with the show "Wind"

Wind is an air performance for children. Two windows: through a delicate game of opening and closing them, the man and the woman look at the world, each through their own window.

The tenor from Bologna Cristiano Cremonini in IRAQ -I raise my voice in Baghdad-

Italian artists in Baghdad for the first time since Saddam they played as a first step Wednesday, November 7 at the National Theatre in Baghdad protagonists of the project "Culture, an instrument of peace”

Teatro delle Ariette with Winter Wedding in Spain in October 10-13

Winter Wedding is the Diary of the daily life betwee Paola and Francesco. It was written during the winter 2008-2009, after 20 years of life in the country and 10 years of theatre around Italy and Europe

Motus on tour in Hungary, Russia and Romania 3 to 14 November

"Alexis. Una tragedia greca" in Hungary and Romania; "Too Late! (antigone) contest#2" and "IOVADOVIA (antigone) contest#3" in Russia

Nando e Maila in Manresa Novembre 10 and 11 with the show "Sconcerto d'amore"

SCONCERTO D'AMORE with Ferdinando D'Andria and Maila Sparapani; artistic collaboration Marta Dallavia and Carlo Boso; directed by Luca Domenicali; international adaptation Adrian Schvarzstein. “Often the most interesting things are the craziest” F. Fellini

FontanaMIXensemble in Strasburg October 20

The new production at the festival L'Imaginaire

Nuovi Futuristi in Paris at Cutlog Art Fair October 18 -21 Bourse de Commerce de Paris

Works by Giacomo Balla and Fortunato Depero introduce works of Dario Brevi, Plumcake, Marco Lodola, Battista Luraschi and Gianni Cella at the stand of Centro Steccata Gallery

The Luciano Pavarotti Foundation in Basel on October with a recital

The chosen date carries in it a particular meaning: the celebration of Luciano Pavarotti' s birthday, he was born in Modena on the 12th of October 1935

Motus from Brazil to France with the performances " Too Late!_(antigone)contest #2 " and "Alexis. A Greek Tragedy" October 3 - 18

devised and directed by Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Nicolò with Silvia Calderoni and Vladimir Aleksic.

The Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio in Vilnius and Minsk on October from 6 to 10 with the performance "On the concept of the face, regarding the son of God"

Once again, Romeo Castellucci turns to an apical icon of the human history: Jesus, with whom the time too confronts itself in most of the world. Here the picture of Jesus starts from the Renaissance painting and particularly in the topic moment of the Ecce Homo.

TEATRO DUE MONDI on tour in Argentine from August 29 to October 3 with the performance AY L'AMOR!

Songs of the repertoire of the Southern Italy tradition and compositions created on the theme of love

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