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The Culture of Emilia-Romagna

Foreground events

The Accademia Bizantina in German on September 13th with the performance "Maddalena ai Piedi di Cristo"

Ottavio Dantone, director, clavecin et orgue Stefano Montanari, violon solo Giovanni Benedetto Platti - Concert for orchestre Antonio Vivaldi two concerts for Orgue (do majeur and ré mineur) Antonio Vivaldi Les 4 saisons

Emilia Romagna Teatro Faundation in Zagabria on September 15th with the performance "After the Battle"

A show of Pippo Delbono with Dolly Albertin, Gianluca Ballaré, Bobò, Pippo Delbono, Lucia Della Ferrera, Ilaria Distante, Simone Goggiano, Mario Intruglio, Nelson Lariccia, Marigia Maggipinto, Julia Morawietz, Gianni Parenti, Pepe Robledo, Grazia Spinella

Itinerarte on tour in Argentina with the performance "Grand Tour de l'Italy" from July 27th to August 14th

The show collects the most famous italian songs from the last decades of nineteenth century until today and through a theatrical reading

Nando e Maila at Lienz July 25-27 with the show "Sconcerto d'amore"

SCONCERTO D'AMORE with Ferdinando D'Andria and Maila Sparapani; artistic collaboration Marta Dallavia and Carlo Boso; directed by Luca Domenicali; international adaptation Adrian Schvarzstein. “Often the most interesting things are the craziest” F. Fellini

Accademia Perduta/Romagna Teatri in France - Moirans en Montagne July 13 with the performance The Little Ogre

Deep in the heart of a thick forest, removed far from the community of the nearby village, live a little ogre and his mother

La Baracca - Teatro Testoni Ragazzi in Poznan -Poland- on July 7 with the performance SPOT

Spot is a very particular stage light. Its light shines and expresses itself by drawing shapes and colours on the floor

The Compagnia Teatrale Instabili Vaganti in Gotheburg - Sweden on July 2 with the performance "Rags of memory"

The company will perform its last creation Rags of memory on July 2 and furthermore it will direct a workshop for actors, dancers and students form June 25 to July 3

La Baracca - Teatro Testoni Ragazzi in Stuttgart - Germany June 22 giugno with the performance "Snow white"

Two technicians, who are used to stay behind the scenes, find themselves on stage trying to tell this classic tale, improvising and pretending to be real actors.

Rolando Paolo Guerzoni

Mariangela Gualtieri in San Paolo at the MIB (Italy Brasil Moment)

8th June 2012 Poetry reading by Mariangela Gualtieri 9th June 2012 Meeting with Mariangela Gualtieri and Tiziana Cera Rosco about poetry, theatre and performance

La Baracca - Teatro Testoni Ragazzi in Belgrad on June 8 with the performance "On-off"

"When I was a baby, a little baby, I never wanted to go to sleep with the light on… I closed my eyes and waited for the lights of my dreams to switch on”. The show developed from an “experiment” carried out in the crèches, where we could observe the children’s relationship with light and darkness

Motus in Canada with two performances: "Too Late! (antigone) contest#2" and "Alexis. A Greek Tragedy"

Montréal from May 30 to June 5 Devised and directed by Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Nicolò with Silvia Calderoni and Vladimir Aleksic

SFERA CUBICA" E "TROVAROBATO" at the "SAN MIGUEL PRIMAVERA SOUND 2012" in Barcellona from May 29 to June 3

Thanks to the valuable support of the Economic Development and City Promotion Department of the Municipality of Bologna, two young professionals will work with the Spanish festival on several fronts

Teatro del Drago in China at the 21st UNIMA Congress & World Puppetry Festiva till June 3

PINOCCHIO- A MUSICAL SHOW WITH PUPPETS, SHADOWS AND ACTORS Pinocchio is a musical show without words, where the musical language, the shadows and the puppets live together in a coloured world

May 23 - 27 Silvio Zalambani - Grupo Candombe e Tango Tres on tour in many cities in Spain

Silvio Zalambani & Federico Lechner Trio (compositions by S.Zalambani & F.Lechner) Silvio Zalambani- soprano saxophone Federico Lechner - piano Tiziano Negrello - acoustic bbass

May 14, Artemi Danza presents "I Bislacchi" in Algeri

Conceived, choreographed and directed by Monica Casadei Dance Vittorio Colella, Melissa Cosseta, Gloria Dorliguzzo, Nicola Marrapodi, Sara Muccioli, Emanuele Serrecchia Music Nino Rota Lights Monica Casadei

The Gruppo Ocarinistico Budriese at HongSeong International Ocarina Festival 2012

May 11-13, the Gruppo Ocarinistico Budriese , which is considered the best group of ocarinas in the world, will once again take their musical tradition “made in Emilia Romagna” to the Far East

The law of life - Federica Rossi

Exibition of Federica Rossi 10 until 31 May 2012 at 'Italian Cultural Institute in Brussels. The vernissage will take place on Thursday 10 at 19.00, on the occasion of the Europe Day.

Fondazione Nazionale della Danza - Compagnia Aterballetto in Wiesbaden with the performance "Come un respiro - Les Noces

May 9-10 Come un respiro:a breeze pervades these works of Haendel, following the Suites for Keyboard performed by Keith Jarret. Les Noces is an abstract ballet - in black and white, with just a slight touch of red

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