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The Culture of Emilia-Romagna

Logo "Emilia-Romagna Cultura d'Europa"

logoThis strongly composite and rich logo is designed to connote the cultural vocation of an entire region and is intended to be used in many various areas. These include academic texts, tourist brochures, postal forms, and posters for art exhibitions. Any event which, in Emilia-Romagna, partakes of these and other similar contexts will be a vehicle of the logo’s message and, at the same time, will receive a coordinated identity from the logo itself.

The logo is composed of three basic elements which together compose its integral whole. A) Dark grey border which circumscribes a “place”, a territory, the region in which the culture lives. B) Drawing, a  design fragment by Annibale Carracci, which symbolises cultural productivity as exemplified by creative energy, study and thought. C) Text engraved in white on the border which connotes the institutional value of the logo by appealing to the authority of another of the region’s famous “sons”: Giambattista  Bodoni.

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