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The Culture of Emilia-Romagna


Institute for Artistic, Cultural and Natural Heritage of Emilia-Romagna Region

Istitutions and regional production centre

Attic crater with red figures from Pega di Spina, 430 B.C.The Institute for Artistic, Cultural and Natural Heritage of Emilia-Romagna (IBACN) was set up in 1974 as a regional planning and consultancy body for local arts organizations. Since 1983, the regional library and documentation service, which deals with books and archive material, has also been a part of the Institute. The Institute was reorganized in 1995, acquiring an independent statute and financial autonomy and has gained independence in academic, organizational and budgetry matters. The Institute’s ambit is to assess and research city centre restoration and improvement projects in the cultural heritage area and to carry out all functions to do with artistic, cultural and natural heritage, acting as consultant to the Region and to local authorities. In addition, IBACN performs administrative functions at regional level for local authority museums and libraries. In particular the department for books and documents provides support and technical coordination for library computerization and internet facilities and initiates special projects, research, training events, censuses and exhibitions. It also performs a brief devolved to the regions by central government to conserve book resources. The Institute’s activities with regard to the museums are carried out at various levels: from general accessioning to cataloguing and reordering of the individual collections, identifying conservation methods, staff training, through to promoting the museum’s services to the public. The Museum and Cultural Heritage Service is the department which deals with these activities. Also within IBACN the “Architectural and Environmental Heritage” sector carries out support activities for local authorities relating to knowledge, preservation and enhancement of the architectural and natural heritage. The sector is responsible for the protection of monumental trees and coordinates scientific activities in the areas of the census, recovery and renovation of assets and historic and contemporary architectural complexes, historic centres, rural dwellings, evidence of material culture. The Institute has a photographic studio equipped with professional machinery, microfilm and electronic image acquisition facilities, and this studio works on behalf of the region’s archives, libraries and museums. The Institute’s library, named after Giuseppe Guglielmi, Municipal Picture Gallery, Ravennapossesses approximately 30,000 volumes on culture and the arts and currently subscribes to 180 periodicals. 400 of the Institute’s own publications are housed in a special section. Besides the library there is a photo library with over 100,000 pictures, a video library and a card library. The Institute’s press office coordinates and promotes IBACN publications and series (ERBA Emilia-Romagna Libraries and Archives ; Images and Documents ; E.R. Musei e Territorio (Museums and Territories) ; IBC notebooks) which can be consulted at the library. Among these is the Institute’s quarterly “IBC. Information Comments Enquiries into Cultural Heritage ” which is devoted to the key areas in which the Institute is active. The quarterly also includes column space given over to cultural events in a wider sense with a multidisciplinary leaning, as well as a central monographic section devoted to the scientific analysis of a specific theme. With a print run of 8000 copies, the review is distributed free to museums, libraries, archives, and national and international cultural institutes. The quarterly magazine is published online on the website The Institute also carries out promotional activities, organizing conventions, exhibitions and cultural events relevant to the themes which fall within its remit.

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