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The Culture of Emilia-Romagna


Cultural and natural resources

Archiginnasio Library, Bologna
Archiginnasio Library, Bologna
Libraries, both ancient and modern, archives of note, media resource centres. Emilia-Romagna possesses particularly abundant and varied library facilities: there are around 1300 state, university, municipal, church, research institute and community association libraries, many of which are computerized. They contain over 20 million volumes. To this we must add audiovisual and multimedia materials, which have seen a sharp increase in the wake of new technologies. There are no less than 466 local authority libraries, many of which of historic interest, with a combined stock of over twelve million books, 84 thousand periodicals and significant collections of photographs, prints, drawings and engravings. The documentary heritage is equally extensive, starting from local authority historic archives, in addition to which are other funds preserved by other cultural bodies and documentation centres. The regional policy’s priority objective is to consider libraries and historic archives as a cooperative part of a unitary organization which places at users’ disposal all the documentary and informative resources present in Emilia Romagna. Most of the local libraries are on Internet, through the National Library Service (SBN). Since 1983 the Regional Authority for Library Services is the Technical-scientific Service whose remit is to achieve increasingly effective preservation, census, enhancement and promotion of library assets, structures and archives in the region.

In accordance with regional law 18/2000, the Regional Authority for Library Services coordinates and oversees the implementation of regional library policies, promoting the adoption of a common standard for classification and retrieval, in compliance with national and international systems. To support regional programming the library authorities have also set up a database called SIBIB (Library Information System) which contains annually updated information on the Region’s library resources, services and activities. Thanks to a careful acquisitions policy, which has also encouraged bequests and donations, Emilia-Romagna can boast numerous literary archives such as those of Giosuè Carducci, Marino Moretti, Riccardo Bacchelli, Cesare Zavattini and Luciano Anceschi, to name only the most important. In recent years particular attention has been devoted to younger readers with the creation of 300 junior sections. Mention should be made of Casa Piani in Imola, Sala Borsa in Cinematography library, City film library, BolognaBologna and those at the historic libraries such as the Malatestiana in Cesena, the Classense in Ravenna and the Ariostea in Ferrara. An OPAC (online public access catalogue) has been developed with the express aim of facilitating research and access to information resources by young library users. The historical archives of local authorities, or in any case those of local interest, form an integral part of the region´s cultural heritage, with many precious documents often dating back to the Middle Ages. In particular the department for books and documents extends its conservation and improvement activities to city historical archives with a view to their use by reordering and cataloguing them and providing support and technical coordination, following the opening to the public of new reference services similar to library ones. Particular attention has been devoted to the archives of hospitals, theatres, political movements, charitable works, land reclamation authorities, businesses, academic institutes, writers, photographers, architects and artists, with the recovery, purchase, conservation and enhancement of such documentary heritage.


Regional Authority for Library Services

Via Galliera, 21 - 40121 Bologna

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Library of the Legislative Assembly

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