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“HECUBA” by Laminarie theatre company arrives in Cyprus

From 13 to 23 December the company is in Nicosia for the last step programmed in 2017 of the project “HECUBA ports and suburbs along the Mediterranean Sea”

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Germany - “The Beauty or the Beast“ by La Baracca theatre company

What is beautiful and what is ugly? Maybe, the answer doesn’t matter. In Ludwigshafen on 16 and 17 December

Cineteca di Bologna - Buster Keaton in

Turkey – The Cineteca di Bologna at the Istanbul Silent Cinema Days

On December 16, Buster Keaton as director arrives from the festival “Il Cinema Ritrovato”

Molinella Ocarina Group

Poland – Christmas concert by Molinella Ocarina Group

The multi-awarded group lives up to the ocarina tradition and all the potentialities of an old instrument. In Krakow, on December 13

Santarcangelo Festival, Markus Öhrn&Azdore - ph. Ilaria Scarpa

Germany – A new ritual by the Azdora collettive

On December 8, for the opening of the festival NORDWIND in Hamburg, Markus Öhrn, Santarcangelo Festival’s associated artist, and the Azdora collettive present RITUAL #17 »Blessed are the destroyers of false hope«

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