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Austrian premiere of “Sleep Technique” by Dewy Dell company

The show is guest of the festival imagetanz 2017 - What’s new in Choreography. In Wien, on 25th and 26th of March
Austrian premiere of “Sleep Technique” by Dewy Dell company

ph. John Nguyen

Dewey Dell was formed in 2007 by four young people: Teodora, Demetrio, Agata Castellucci and Eugenio Resta. The name is a tribute to the writer William Faulkner and to the young girl of his novel ‘As I lay dying’, under whose look -as they state- the company prepares itself “to wander towards the abyss”.

Dance, music, interlacements with other arts are peculiarities of their works, that have been presented in the main European festivals and in some festivals in Australia, Russia, United States.

The performance “Sleep Technique”, a 2017 new production, is an attempt of a dialogue, an impossible response to the infinite wealth of what the first homo sapiens sapiens left inside Chauvet-Pont d’Arc Cave in France.
Through the darkness of the theater we cross the chambers of this cave, we feel the sensitivity of the ancestors intimately close to us, as if their myths and primitive rites could still be obscurely present.

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Dewey Dell

imagetanz 2017 - What’s new in Choreography

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