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China – Great success for the exhibit "The legacy of a thousand years of Italian ceramic art" by the MIC Faenza

350 thousand visitors in three months at the Henan Museum in Zhengzhou. Second step in Hangzhou, until the 16th June

The first stage of "The legacy of a thousand years of Italian ceramics" set up at the Henan Museum in Zhengzhou from 9th December 2016 to 12 March 2017 ended with an extraordinary number of visitors: 350 thousand.

Curated by the director of the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza Claudia Casali and the curator Valentina Mazzotti, the exhibition tells the history of the Italian majolica showing 150 works from the MIC collections.

"In terms of visibility, it is a very important result for our Museum, for Faenza and for Italian ceramics. –  Claudia Casali says – Italy represents a significant cultural landmark for China. Italy and China are the two poles of international reference for ceramics, the first for majolica and the second for porcelain.
The exhibition project shows all the regional and traditional ceramics areas in Italy from the Renaissance until today. No other country has such a wide variety of productions as Italy. This is the reason why it has been so appreciated by Chinese visitors and press”.

The exhibition is now set in Hangzhou at the Zhejiang Provincial Museum, where it will remain until the 16th of June 2016.

The following steps will be: the Liaoning Provincial Museum in Shenyang (28th June - 17th September), the Shanxi Museum in Taiyuan (8th September – 17th December) and the Shenzhen Museum in Shenzhen (30th December 2017 – 25th March 2018).


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MIC Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche di Faenza

Zhejiang Provincial Museum di Hangzhou

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