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France - “Circoluna” by Teatro Gioco Vita theatre company on stage at La Villette

A coloured and fantastic adventure in a play of lights and shadows and a bit of magic. In Paris, from 31st January to 19th February
France - “Circoluna” by Teatro Gioco Vita theatre company on stage at La Villette

ph. Dan Norman

“Circoluna” is a shadow and light performance that speaks about the shadow and the light using an easy, ironic language based on the pleasure of surprise, enchantment and wonder.

It was first staged in Stockholm in 1997 by the Swedish theatre company Dockteatern Tittut, who had asked the Teatro Gioco Vita’s director Fabrizio Montecchi to set a new shadow piece.

After four years and more than 300 performances, the show was “adopted” by Teatro Gioco Vita in 2001, becoming totally Italian. Since then, with more than 700 performances in French, English and Spanish, “Circoluna” has going on in amazing, amusing and, above all, stimulating the phantasy of children of all ages from various parts of the world, and it is one of the most successful work by Teatro Gioco Vita.

The show has a long run in Paris in the “Villette en cirques”, that presents other international companies as the Centre national des arts du cirque, Patrick Corillon, Circus Ronaldo, Teatropersona, Thierry Collet/Compagnie La Phalène, Kurt Demey.

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