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France - Exhibition "The cinema reads"

Within "Les Journées du Cinéma Italien", the Centro Cinema Città di Cesena presents an unusual gallery of Italian cinema pictures where the common denominator is the act of reading. In Nice, from 11th to 25th of March
France - Exhibition "The cinema reads"

Centro Cinema Cesena - Divorce, Italian Style by Pietro Germi (1961). Marcello Mastroianni [ph. Divo Cavicchioli]

Marcello Mastroianni is reading the newspaper “Il Messaggero” in a break during the filming of “Divorzio all’italiana” (Divorce, Italian Style), Monica Vitti and Michelangelo Antonioni are tackling over the screenplay of “L’eclisse” (Eclipse), Vittorio De Sica is playing a scene of “Tempo di Villeggiatura” (Time of Vacation) in which he reads a book.

These are some of the images presented in the exhibition “The cinema reads”, realized thanks to the co-operation between the Malatestiana Library of Cesena and the Centro Cinema Città di Cesena, from whose precious archives they come.

Chosen according to the three variants of the examples described above -reading during a break, control of the screenplay, scenes with books or different texts-, the pictures form an unusual gallery where the common denominator is the act of reading.

Thirty two b/w images from classic and lesser known Italian movies, faces of Italian and foreign actresses and actors who are still famous or have already been forgotten.

The exhibit is curated by Antonio Maraldi.


Centro Cinema Città di Cesena

32es Journées du Cinéma Italien, Nice

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