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The Culture of Emilia-Romagna

La Baracca theatre company goes to China with “Home”

The show is staged at the Amber Children Drama Festival in Shenzhen from the 8th to the 16th of July

The AMBER Children’s Theatre has been expressly designed for children and is devoted to their aesthetic education.

The festival is an opportunity to let them know other foreign theatrical culture and to stimulate their imagination and visualizing skills.

The theatre company based in Bologna La Baracca -whose productions are addressed exclusively to children and young people- presents “Home”, a show for children aged 1 to 4.

“Home” tells the surreal story of a grown-up and a child who meet, get to know each other and start to build.
Building turns into a play, and little by little, while playing, they build a story, a structure, a roof, a house.

Sometimes the characters exchange roles. The little one pretends to be the grown-up, while the grown-up goes back to his childhood, in a sequence of surprises and emotions captured in the fixed geometries of daily-life.

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La Baracca - Testoni Ragazzi

Amber Children Drama Festival

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