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La Baracca theatre company guest of the festival “Il Maggiolino” in Switzerland and of the “Kaolin & Barbotine festival” in France

Three are the shows proposed in the events. “The little elephant” is on stage with two performances in Lugano on 11th May, while “Girotondo” (on 12th and 13th May) and “Upside Down” (14th and 15th May) are staged in Limoges

Since its foundation, La Baracca theatre company has presented its shows not only in Italy, but also in many international festivals all around the world, thanks to its works addressed exclusively to children and young people, centered on actors theatre and on original theatrical compositions.

The festival “Il Maggiolino”, now in its 9th edition, is organized by Teatro Pan under the artistic direction by Vania Luraschi and Elena Chiaravalli and the support of the Republic and Canton of Ticino. Five days of theatre, dance, art and music for early childhood, during which the general public can see national and international shows dedicated to young audiences. This year the shows investigate themes related to the animal kingdom and the elements of nature.

La Barcacca theatre company presents “The Little Elephant”, a show for children aged 2 to 5 freely based on a tale by Rudyard Kipling. The little elephant is Bubu who, among socks and songs, meets animals of all colour and size, in a narration full of imagination, music and curiosity.

The “Kaolin & Barbotine festival”, this year at the 6th edition, is organized by the Municipality of Limoges. Devoted to children aged 0-6, the festival proposes theatre shows, animations, exhibits, workshops for parents and children and a meeting for professionals.

La Baracca stages “Girotondo”, a show made of circular motions, constantly changing, with music and magical, playful images, and “Upside Down”, a show where objects and spaces change according to the eyes of the watcher.

“The Little Elephant”


“Upside Down”


La Baracca - Testoni Ragazzi

“Il Maggiolino" festival

“Kaolin & Barbotine festival”

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