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Spain - Soqquadro Italiano and the “Vivaldi project”

The ensamble based in Bologna performs “Stabat Mater” in Santander on 29th April
Spain - Soqquadro Italiano and the “Vivaldi project”

ph. Giuseppe Porisini

Soqquadro Italiano is a cultural project created by Claudio Borgianni and Vincenzo Capezzuto. Their idea comes from the common interest in music, theater and Italian artistic production at the turn of the sixteenth and seventh centuries.
Key words: "contamination", "fusion" and "Italian", in a constant research of past and present and attention to all forms of artistic expression.

The show "Stabat Mater", that is part of their wider “The Vivaldi Project”, combines dance with captivating new interpretations of the music by Antonio Vivaldi.

Choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti and director Claudio Borgianni stage the “Stabat Mater” as an impressive synthesis of the arts sweeping away the distinctions between genres.
With the sounds of the lute, guitar, saxophone and double bass as well as drum set and live electronics, the ensemble brings Vivaldi’s music into the present.
It becomes the ageless foundation for the medieval topos of the bereaved mother of Jesus and the perpetual quest for consolation, orientation and security.

Vincenzo Capezzuto, with his riveting dance performance and his moving vocal interludes, is the leading actor of this unique performance.

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Soqquadro Italiano

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