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Switzerland - Enza Negroni in the official competition at the 48th Edition of Vision du Réel International Film Festival

“First Try” (La prima meta), the documentary film by the director from Bologna about the rugby team based in Bologna prison, is presented in the official competition in the section Grand Angle with the International Premiere. In Nyon and Gland on 22nd and 23rd of April

“First Try” (La prima meta), the documentary film by Enza Negroni about Giallo Dozza, the rugby team in the prison of the Dozza Penitentiary in Bologna, is presented in the official competition at the 48th Edition of Vision du Réel International Film Festival, Grand Angle section, with the International Premiere.

40 inmates of different nationalities, cultural and religious background form 'Giallo Dozza', the prison rugby team. Their sentences vary from 4 years to life. No one has ever played before and they must learn to stand together and live together, sharing the field and life in prison.

Hard training and matches are always played at home. The fast pace matches are alternated with the slow rhythm of the prison cells. Thanks to Max, the coach, his technical ability and human qualities, the multiethnic team becomes more and more united in the field as in the everyday life.
The documentary is about growth, overcoming difficulties and positive results. A unique educational project, as unique is the ‘Giallo Dozza’ rugby team, in defeat and in victory.

Enza Negroni is born in 1962 and lives in Bologna. This is her second feature film, after the fiction ‘Jack Frusciante left the group' (o.t. Jack frusciante è uscito dal gruppo) with Stefano Accorsi e Violante Placido. In these years, Enza Negroni has directed many short documentaries for Italian television.

She decided to shoot "First Try" (La prima meta) to deepen and understand the process of inclusion of inmates through the rugby discipline in the multiethnic prison context. The documentary genre allows her to tell the experience, without mediation, narrating the attempt to emerge from a strong discomfort.

"First Try" (La prima meta) is produced by Giovanna Canè, Oltre il Ponte, and Enza Negroni, Edenrock in collaboration with the Emilia-Romagna Region and I.B.C Movie, Unipol Banca, Illumia. With the logistic and technical support of the Giallo Dozza Association, the rugby club Bologna Rugby 1928, Italian Ministry of Justice and the Dozza Penitentiary of Bologna.

The director Enza Negroni and the producer Giovanna Canè will attend the festival (at the Théâtre de Marens in Nyon on 22nd April, 10:00pm; at the Théâtre de Grand-Champ in Gland on 23rd of April,  01:45pm).




Enza Negroni

Vision du Réel International Film Festival 2017

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