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“The Singer and his Instrument” by Claudia Marchi

The mezzo-soprano from Bologna has curated a “Vocalist’s handbook” published in Italian, English and Chinese

Claudia Marchi began her international career in 1992, soon making herself known as interpreter of Rossini. Later, thanks to an Australian tour with Luciano Pavarotti singing Giuseppe Verdi’s "Requiem", she approaches Verdi’s repertoire, becoming a great interpreter of Verdi too.

Having performed in major Italian and foreign theatres, she debuted all of the major roles for mezzo-soprano, getting rave reviews for her vocal and acting expertise.

Since 2005 she has also taught in Italian Conservatoires. From this experience, she has written “The Singer and his Instrument”, a handbook gathering “some essential information” -as the author says- which she hopes can be useful to young people who want to pursue the operatic career.

The book summarizes essential, yet basic, technical, emotional, and physical elements an opera singer must have.
The “little book” is not intended to teach singing, nor to suggest how to behave, rather to describe in a clear, analytic manner the vocal apparatus and how to use it effectively and healthily. It also concerns the proper relationship between student and teacher and how to command the attention of the audience, who is the recipient of the interpreter’s vocal and physical expressiveness.

The book, with a preface by Paolo Zoppi -expert of Verdi and acting Falstaff in the Club dei 27- and illustrations by Veronica Mungai, is published by Mattioli 1885, in Italian, English and Chinese version together.
It has received the support by Emilia-Romagna Region and has been presented in Bologna at the Majestic Baglioni Hotel on 22nd March.



Claudia Marchi

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