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TIR Danza in Japan with “Idiot-Syncrasy” by Igor and Moreno

On 19th and 20th April the performance is staged in Tokyo, where the two artists also hold a workshop
TIR Danza in Japan with “Idiot-Syncrasy” by Igor and Moreno

ph. Alicia Clarke

Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solinas are two London-based dance artists. They started creating stage works collaboratively in 2007, co-founding ‘BLOOM! dance collective’ in 2009 and ‘Igor and Moreno’ in 2012. They are currently Work Place artists, the associate artists programme of The Place in London. Since 2016, the company has been supported by TIR Danza, a production organization based in Modena operating in the field of contemporary dance, danse d’auteur, and experimental dance.

The performance "Idiot-Syncrasy" seeks to investigate the relationship we have with our own body, with our desires and with others. Though an evolving exploration of strength, unity, humour, hope and tenderness, it expresses a life-affirming disposition and the two dancers -who go on jumping for 45 minutes, disappearing and reappearing on either side or holding cups to toast spectators- seem to invite the audience to “jump with them” to know themselves and feel love.

Igor and Moreno have presented their original works in Europe and also in the United States and South America, always receiving good reviews. "Idiot-Syncrasy" was nominated for the National Dance Awards 2015, the Total Theatre Awards 2015 and it was selected for Aerowaves 2015 and for the British Council Showcase 2015.

The tour in Tokyo includes two performances at the Shibuya Cultural Center Owada (on 19th and 20th April) and a workshop at the Shinjiku Mura Studios (on 15th and 16th April).

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