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United States - Great expectation in New York for the shadow theatre by Teatro Gioco Vita company

“A Sky for the Bear” is on stage at the New Victory Theatre from October 25 to November 5
United States - Great expectation in New York for the shadow theatre by Teatro Gioco Vita company

ph. Serena Groppelli

The New Victory is New York City's premier performing arts theater devoted year-round to kids and their families.

The theatre has already programmed a show by Teatro Gioco Vita in 1998, the fascinating “Firebird”, and now present “A Sky for the Bears”, a performance based on two stories by celebrated kids' lit authors Dolf Verroen and Wolf Erlbruch.

“A Sky for the Bears” tackles delicate and profound themes lightly and tactfully in the simplest ways. Telling the stories through animals softens the emotional impact which, nonetheless, is strong because it simply reminds us most disarmingly of the difficulties we all face, children above all, when we try to find answers to the great unknowns of life.

This aspect is amongst those positively underlined by international press, that has also defined the show "imaginative and astute" (Time Out Paris), a vision which leaves the spectator “with larger eyes and a head full of images and ideas” (Artichaut Magazine).

To introduce Teatro Gioco Vita, the New Victory has also published on its website a funny video in which the artistic director Fabrizio Montecchi shows the company’s work and the characters of “A Sky for the Bears” send a special greeting from Piacenza to the audience in New York.

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