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The Culture of Emilia-Romagna

United States – The culture of Emilia-Romagna opens the Second Annual Italian Cuisine Week in the World

Pellegrino Artusi and his renowned “practical manual” are amongst the protagonists of the events organized in Chicago from the 7th to the 18th of November

Even more than a person, Artusi is a cookbook, indeed, the cookery book par excellence, the one at the basis of modern Italian cuisine. With fifteen editions in twenty years, from 1891 to 1911, compiled and revised directly by the author, the book has been re-edited, copied, translated (till now in seven languages -English, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Polish) right up to the present day, so becoming the ambassador of Italian cuisine in the world.

The collection of recipes is also a political project, as Pellegrino Artusi aimed to give a contribution to the making of Italy. He thought that sharing the national gastronomic habits and a common language – as “concrete” as the one spoken in the kitchen, when it is necessary to name ingredients and practices- could be an important element in the project of cultural unification then ongoing.

The Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago presents three events dedicated to Artusi, realized in collaboration with Casa Artusi and the office for cultural activities abroad of Emilia-Romagna Region.

The exhibit “Pellegrino Artusi & the Culinary Unification of Italy” illustrates Pellegrino Artusi’s life, the up-to-dateness of his work and the project the city of Forlimpopoli -his native land and his testamentary heir to his own will- is developing about home cooking (7-18 November at the Italian Cultural Institute).

The lecture by Massimo Montanari, Professor at the University of Bologna and president of Casa Artusi’s scientific committee, "Pellegrino Artusi & The Building of a National Italian Cuisine", focuses on Artusi’s contribution to the sharing of the gastronomic habits and the national language (November 15, h 06:00 pm at the Italian Cultural Institute).

The workshop “Sfoglia Emiliana”, introduced by professor Montanari and held by a "Marietta" teacher from Casa Artusi, demonstrates how to make hand-made pasta the authentic way people do in Emilia-Romagna (November 15, h 11:00 am at Eataly Chicago).

From 20 to 26 November Pellegrino Artusi will be a protagonist of the Italian Cuisine Week in the World in other fifteen Countries.



Settimana della Cucina Italiana nel Mondo


Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Chicago

Casa Artusi

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